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Furniture maintenance knowledge _ store content ark of maintenance and cleaning

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-16

( The preface] Lockers in the home environment plays an important role, therefore, store content ark of cleaning and maintenance is the standard for important, do not neglect. Here, take a look at lockers in use process how to reasonable cleaning and maintenance.

1。 Store content ark is used after a period of time, it is important to a thorough cleaning, tidy store content ark, to keep the whole household environment clean and tidy. Clean up at the same time, also can to the cleaning of store content ark, when cleaning can use wet cloth to wipe it again first, and then use dry cloth to wipe dry, wipe clean, it is best to air again, ensure no water residue, cabinet put oneself in another's position and then the original items reasonably in the cupboard.

2。 In order to effectively extend the service life of store content ark, wood, iron and plastic as usual these three materials store content ark, as far as possible away from the corruption of plane liquid or gas. At the same time, water is one of the lockers killer, if in the process of cleaning up or use the residual moisture, it's easy to cause the damage of the lockers.

3。 Finally, usually try to avoid sharp instrument scratches the surface of the lockers, choose as far as possible when daily wipe cabinet soft texture of fabric. Reasonable cleaning and maintenance, can make the function of the locker to get the best performance.

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