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Furniture is not only a furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-10
Furniture is not only a furniture or the product of human evolution and social progress, is a period of people's consciousness, environment, customs, one of the carrier of culture and arts, so everyone at the time of buying furniture also want to know more about the stories behind the furniture. Europe type furniture with makings is very various European furniture material sort is various, common are oak, walnut, mahogany, mahogany, ebony, rosewood, rosewood, pear wood, hollies woodiness material, etc. Europe type furniture stressed the overall decoration effect, and draw lessons from the image of nature of plants and animals and people, and metal ACTS the role of the body as a decorative pattern, fine carving, spelling a flower, the colour line Mosaic, two sub-companies named seaport coloured drawing or pattern, etc. , make its surface is very elegant and noble, full of artistic charm, like poetic truth, such as the exquisite works of art. Furniture furniture is the product of human progress and civilization is the product of human evolution and social progress, is a period of people's ideology, environment, customs, one of the carrier of culture and art. In different historical periods, due to the development of productivity and the change of environment, the human demand for furniture also will change, therefore, furniture design often have different characteristics of The Times and national characteristics, furniture with its irreplaceable function through every aspect of human life. Furniture or furniture of the symbol of a country and national of a country, a nation's material civilization and spiritual civilization symbol. As local residents are used by the decoration of the furniture shows the identity and status, as a result, the furniture like a mirror, reflecting the spirit of every age, And as an epic, telling people's aesthetic and interest. Watching these introduce everyone will come to see these with previous carrying, history and culture of the furniture? European-style furniture, small make up hope everybody to buy European furniture is not just because it looks good, or because of chasing trends such as, buying furniture must know you buy it before the culture and history behind the furniture, so can better appreciate the art of furniture.
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