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Furniture is decorated points

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-17
is the main component of indoor article. Reasonable furniture furnishings to achieve visual balance, forming a graceful and comfortable environment, can meet the actual needs of people's life, and can make host in the modelling of harmonious yue to colour, get satisfaction and fun.

now, most of the families from the purchase of furniture on the market, when buying, should understand the relationship between planar and spatial scale of the bedroom, furniture configuration according to use a function. configuration principle can be divided into two aspects: one is to function on a contact together, the disposal of furniture in place to ensure that its usage is convenient. The second is to ensure that under normal circumstances the use of french country furniture. Namely according to the principle of human body engineering, the arrangement of the scale of the relationship between good people and furniture, determine the aisle of the distance, the distance between the furniture and furniture, make people activity convenient.

furniture furnishings is reasonable or not, can give a person in good order or crowded mixed and disorderly feeling, can make the space has increased or reduced from the visual sense effect. Such as the big furniture will make the room smaller, the vision and the big room to put too much small size furniture will look messy. Overall furniture furnishings to follow beautiful, practical, and can express master hobby and interest, the principle of reasonable furnishings should consider the following questions: before decorate furniture

1. Look at the structure of the room, first determine the activity center.

2。 Determine where to enlarge furniture & ndash; — General is a bed, a sofa, a desktop, cabinets, etc.

3。 Corridor through family consider good, then put furniture, avoid affects normal indoor.

4。 Generous should consider how to allocate functions between interval & ndash; — If a visitor can be divided into the living room, watch TV, listen to the tape or read such as community; Can sleep in the bedroom, reading or dressing and so on; Dining room can be divided into repast, read, or personal recreation area.

5。 Depending on the room area place of proportion to the size of the furniture.

6。 As far as possible the use of visual effect to change the size of the room. Long room can be horizontally placed at both ends of furniture or partition, which can shorten the length on the vision; Square room can be horizontally decoration furniture, or will make metope have layers, color change, drawing visual.

7。 Wood furniture and soft furniture mix, and strive to fit.

8。 Using symmetric method on one side wall adornment, can give a person a kind of AnWenGan, but don't make a room for Mr With too much, otherwise it will appear drab.

according to the use function of furniture, several common furniture is usually the decoration of the position:

bed: should not be directly across the hall or placed in the position of the window, otherwise, easy produces the feeling that the room is narrow. The head of a bed low side of the activity area. At the same time, it is best not to bed in the wardrobe mirror.

wardrobe: because most ambry is tall, should not be near the doors and Windows,

lest affect indoor lighting; And protect against the furniture for a long time, also easy to cause damage. Generally speaking, the tall ark corner of the kitchen should be put in against the wall. At the door or window, the furniture with low should be placed. In this way, the high and low, complement each other, make indoor whole harmony.

desk: should be placed near the window or the light is enough, well ventilated place. If still need to match other furniture, should pay attention to have enough room.

sofa: should be placed in the living quarters of the interior, in adequate light, can bring indoor activity.

it's also noteworthy that the furniture colorific collocation. To finish all kinds of color paint furniture, should determine a Lord is fundamental key color, other colors match with subordinate position with the main color of furniture furniture. Pay attention to the colour is too cumbersome, bizarre. Otherwise, all sorts of color crowded together, lack of advocate tone, can make the person feels desultorily, the lack of perfect and harmonious feeling. Shenzhen furniture co. , LTD.

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