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Furniture in the choice of cabinet

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-12
is closely related to our life, good furniture can not only our home graced, improving the quality of the more our life brings a qualitative leap. also gradually formed their own culture, to derive a variety of furniture branch. Culture is one of the kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture in bring us food at the same time, more let the pace of life growing we add a warm and romantic. Ambry is as essential to a member of the kitchen culture, what we choose, listening to the author action below. The classification of cabinet put oneself in another's position:

ambry ambry ark type, divided into condole ark and ground ark, special cabinet form 3 kinds big, its function including, washing, cooking, cooking, storage four.

1, condole is given priority to with storage, often appear a few adornment ark, on the premise of meet the storage function, condole ark and the rich had change, to show the different personality of each owner.

2, ground ark also have storage capabilities, ground ark washing tank at the same time, the option to arrange cabinet and working in the kitchen cabinet are a must. Washing ark, working in the kitchen cabinets in cuisine ark, kitchen ark cabinet in the smoke.

3, special ark is used to solve the special problems in the kitchen. Such as high clothes closet, and on the top of the condole ark on flush, built-in gravity pull blue, most can hold things, and ark of corner, with 270 degrees hinges. Built in 360 - degree turn blue, can bring a corner dead zone living.

ambry environmental indicators: according to the national standard, ambry of formaldehyde release limit value should be less than or equal to 1. 5mg/L。 Mainly produce harmful substances in ambry comes from man-made wooden plank. So, want to choose the green wood. Won't cause harm to the body. In the economic conditions permit in responsible for the health of cases, the author suggest or choose real wood cabinets.

ambry style:

1, the rural style: extensive use of solid wood and components, showing delicate carpentry skills, make you like entered the cottage and fully exhibits leisurely, promoting natural, can meet the most value family sweet feeling.

2, modern style: board or panel of the lacquer that bake, met the hurry don't want to spend too much time to do this part of the people's needs, concise and lively is one of the biggest characteristics and charm.

3, classic style: the shake handshandle of a teak or from the line of famous for quality gives fully in the details of the persistent, soft about the love of modern and traditional image.

metal and the combination of the avant-garde style, strong contrast, not only the pursuit of fashion, but also actively show ego, novelty is the greatest characteristic of this kind of style.

cabinet assembly way:

1, assembled cabinet: similar to this kind of ambry once popular combination furniture, parts corresponding to the independent. Its characteristic is cheap, simple assembly process, merchants can be combined according to your kitchen size and the internal situation.

2, half assembly: some shapes, etc. , need to change the material specially panel with more flexible.

3, custom cabinets, one of the most flexible, usually arranged by a professional furniture designers, material, design, style, etc. , degree of reasonable ambry looked exactly right. Choose custom cabinet had better choose to have the strength of the manufacturer, the so-called several master carpenters combined guerrilla group, or forget it. In all the furniture in the cabinet can reflect and display design and production process the most.

ambry materials choice:

1, ambry mesa, granite countertops, fireproof board, artificial stone, artificial jade and so on.

2, door plank, fire prevention board, ice flower board, solid wood, paint, PVC, metal, density board, etc.

3, ambry main material is basic particle board and density board two kinds, the high-end environmental choice real wood.

ambry valuation method:

1, according to the linear meter, the standard is not unified.

2 quotation, monomer ark, cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door, as a whole as the unit, mesa.

3, quartering, separate parts to calculate price. ( More error prone)

4, parts, with four points method similar to share more fine.

consideration when buying:

1, and the choice of consumer satisfaction and after-sales good furniture manufacturers.

2, to shop around, the same, the style of goods to consider from the price on the service quality.

3, the principle of convenient and safe to choose material.

5, the warranty card or service contract.

6, must be marked on the invoice material specifications, prices, etc.

7, consulting ambry price way remember

8, understand the ambry manufacturer unit name, address, contact person.

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