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Furniture feng shui

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-30
1, is the important decoration in the sitting room, sofa sofa is people could receive a visitor the rest of the furniture at ordinary times, and can rise to decorate the action of the sitting room, and therefore should not only have practical and decorative sofa. In feng shui is behind the sofa behind taboo or not depends on the window, door, if sofa is put so it is easy to produce feeling uneasy, so attention should be paid to the sofa behind must have the backer, such as relying on a wall, or in place behind the screen can also. 2 bed, bed can say is that we contact more furniture in the home life, and the bed is the place that we have a rest every day, so the bed put also worth attention to feng shui, the bed is suitable in ventilated sex good, have the sun to the position, and the place such as bed should not be put in the sitting room, should be put in the bedroom, more privacy, if placed in the sitting room or other place, it's easy to let a person feel uncomfortable. 3, modern desk most of the time will put the desk in the room, but all is to see where there is a place where is where to put, not following the principles of feng shui, desk had better not hedge with doors and Windows, so it is easy to affect the mind, is not conducive to concentration, it is very bad, especially for children is not good for children to learn. 4, dresser, this seems to be more in women's room, general dresser will bring a mirror, there are a lot of people will be put at the end of the bed, dresser and bed form a straight line, so it is not very good feng shui actually, because the mirror is very taboo to the bed, because of the effect that the mirror has a reflection, likely reflecting the bad things, influence people's rest, may also affect the person's fortunes.
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