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Furniture fair exhibitors the ingenious methods to count the pavilion's 'best art'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-19
March 19-22, 2015, 'shenzhen international furniture fair in shenzhen convention and exhibition center' the grand opening, embrace the magnificent words of the 30th. To attract the eye of this visitor, let's take a look, each exhibitor is how ingenious methods! A, through the article: not to say to the Chinese members, downstairs sword in your hand is what to do? Second, space: strange, everyone go to where? Our international furniture fair in shenzhen! To go into space. Animals: although I'm a sheep! Don't bite me, I just want to touch! Downstairs, you see Santa Claus? Is my gift from Santa Claus! Four, eyes set piece: furniture fair good popular, good lively, to melt the feeling! Guess what, I will become what kind of furniture? The boss let me stare at you, not all the furniture into a transformers! Excuse me, is this the rhythm will fly? Beautiful faery, can turn into furniture?
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