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Furniture enterprises, please protect the healthy growth of children

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-09
Recently, as a CCTV journalist chai jing released a film called 'under the dome of the depth of the documentary, the content in the explosive on the Internet, harm and governance of fog was once again into the spotlight as never before. Environmental problem is hot at the same time, however, much attention has been paid to children's health problems.

it is well known that the physical environment has had a huge impact on a person's mental and physical health, bad environmental factors under this weak group damage is greater for children. Healthy growth to create a good environment for children, is any social production should be consciously assume obligations, we think furniture has been within range and advocacy, every furniture manufacturing enterprises should shoulder the responsibility, because the furniture with runs through almost all children growing environment and process.

so, furniture companies can do something for children healthy and happy growth?

first of all, pollution control production

furniture enterprises in third place in the traditional manufacturing industry, second only to the textile and garment manufacturing and shoe industry, furniture production process will release a large amount of dust, when brushing will release volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, phenol, paint fog and so on. These volatiles waft through the air, can lead to air pollution, the indirect influence the healthy growth of children. We have learned, in accordance with the relevant provisions, so long as has the emissions of enterprise must be installed with exhaust gas treatment facilities and maintain normal operation, however, at present a lot of furniture enterprises still have defects in the exhaust gas treatment device, lead to the pollution of environment.

in order to give children a healthy growth environment, hope all the furniture in the enterprise can according to the regulation, will produce pollution to a minimum.

second, ensure that the product of green health

green; A slogan itself has been a lot of furniture enterprises, especially for some furniture enterprise specializing in the production of children is a particular support; 。 In the furniture industry, environmental protection concept has been monopoly. In recent years, however, children furniture quality gate; News event has now network, many parents fear.

children furniture is the most interesting topics with formaldehyde, formaldehyde pollution can cause pregnant women to fetal abnormalities may also be suffering from leukemia in children. As children's health stealth killer; Formaldehyde, one of the main result is indispensable in panel furniture and adhesive. Although many companies claim that the product is much lower than the national standard, and most of the time this rhetoric under sampling data become speechless. Formaldehyde to produce great harm, serious impact on the healthy growth of children, furniture enterprise should have social moral sense of responsibility, in addition to formaldehyde, and other indicators of heavy metal should be in strict accordance with the relevant standards, in the choice of furniture materials and adhesives to green environmental protection as the first choice, is committed to the development of environmental protection products, rather than for economic benefits at the expense of the harm children's health. Third, pay attention to product details

new gb requirements: in the products from the ground height is less than 1600 mm position can come in contact with dangerous outside, should be dealt with by the round, and round radius should not less than 10 mm, or inverted arc not less than 15 mm long, and the wardrobe air holes shall be maintained. However, in terms of current children's french country furniture market, this standard has not been fully implemented. When visiting some children furniture stores can be found that many products are not circular or chamfering processing, including some famous leading brands of children french country furniture. This for children, in fact there is considerable potential safety hazard, children's furniture enterprises should be given attention, as much as possible to create a safe environment for children's growth.

children furniture design should pay attention to details, such as: considering the demands of children in special age, body is in a constantly changing process, children's furniture such as tables and chairs can best freedom as the child's height adjustable height, maximum to meet the needs of the different stages of the children. Smooth bed ladder design should not steep, in order to prevent the child fall down; In addition, the appearance of the furniture design and color and other details also should be fully considered.

regulators should also output

ascending children furniture product quality requirements, is the enterprise not only, also is the responsibility of the regulators. Why children furniture manufacturing national standard regulations, there are still so many on the market is not qualified children furniture, a large part of the reason is because not enough regulation. Also called on regulators in the growth for children pour into a more attention, as much as possible to ensure that they can healthy growth.

create by heart, environmental protection, health, safety and high quality furniture is a furniture enterprise, especially professional children furniture enterprises should quietly hold responsibility. Maybe part of the efforts of the enterprise alone and hold enough to change the present severe state of children's growth environment, but as a member of the furniture company, we still hope to furniture, inside and outside the Great Wall, the great river north and south, more and more furniture companies, able to use voice action, efforts to protect children's healthy growth and action.

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