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Furniture common classification

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-25

furniture according to the texture segmentation, can be divided into the following categories:

NO. 1. 【 Solid wood furniture

noun explanation: the body of the furniture is all made of natural wood, only a small amount with some plywood and other materials referred to as solid wood furniture. So what is the main part of the furniture? Cabinet doors, side panel, the face plate, side panel of the table, the foot, the back of a chair of the bed, side panel, feet, these are the main body of furniture. And like some cabinet, drawer bottom of the do not belong to subject. The characteristics of solid wood furniture, generally for mortise structure, namely fixed structure. Some of the pitfalls of solid wood furniture: 1, called the wood veneered furniture solid wood furniture. Actually this kind of furniture should belong to board type furniture. The definition of oakwood furnitureis natural lumber, as long as there is through synthetic processing of furniture in the body of furniture does not belong to solid wood furniture. Sales technique is commonly used: tell you panel below is joinery board, joinery board then said is real wood, and then call the furniture solid wood french country furniture. If you don't pay attention to, it will be over. Joinery board is plywood, don't belong to the category of solid wood, although it is made of solid wood, the difference between the two is like not called flour meters. 2, put some through special processing of paper cover furniture is referred to as solid wood furniture. Some paper veneered furniture surface almost identical with real wood furniture, especially in wenzhou, a few classic brand, not furniture expert almost look not to come out. And sales aunt realistic-looking, you bought, is she made money, who is you. Identify the way for the furniture to see me at the back of the article: how to determine three solid wood furniture, called some local are oakwood furnituresolid wood furniture. Some of the furniture is completely real wood door plank, but not the sides, but aunt sales are collectively referred to as solid wood, actually otherwise, this kind of furniture should be between plate and solid wood furniture, should be referred to as oakwood furnitureis more appropriate, as the mermaid though like people, cannot be called a man. 没有2。 【 Board type furniture. Noun explanation: the body of the furniture parts by the surface decoration of all man-made plank, plywood, particle board, joinery board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), etc. The characteristics of board type furniture: are they overlaid the frames with various metal fittings, column connected. Horizontal flat vertical, the lack of level changes. According to the different furniture surface cover, divided into the wooden cover, paper cover, gather hydrogen ammonia three cover, the paint furniture. The use fixed number of year in 5 ~ 10 years, suitable for young people, is now the most popular furniture. Because of too many changes, I will be detailed later open an article to answer your questions. 3号。 【 Metal furniture 】 Metals such as steel tube as the main body, and with the steel plate and other metal or man-made board of auxiliary materials such as furniture. Home is less, is much more outdoor, wrought iron furniture is the most famous of these.

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