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Furniture also need filling water?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-09
What? Furniture also need filling water? If your home furniture slight cracking, that should pay attention to, may be it water oh! Into winter, the air becomes dry, furniture easily weather-shack, it has to do with air humidity, below the rich furniture to introduce six kinds of methods, to the furniture of a lot more water: 1, wet cloth to wipe clean wood furniture in the fall and winter, the proposal had better use a little bit tide dishcloth, but also not too wet, so can not only have the hydrating effect, won't make furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp. 2, change the thick curtain summer everybody decorate furniture will choose fresh gauze curtain, in the autumn and winter season should replace, might as well with some thick cloth curtain, it would be for indoor furniture blocking the illuminate of sunshine, reduce dry, at the same time to prepare for the winter cold. 3, shorten the window time furniture indoor air drying of solid wood furniture is very bad, the relationship between cracks and humidity does wooden, so attention should be paid to increase indoor air humidity, in the autumn and winter we can do our best to shorten the time that open a window, can be appropriately increased humidity indoors, so this is good for people's health, not only is of great help to the maintenance of wooden furniture also. 4, green plants grow a lot of other plants also can have the effect of humidification, in order to prevent drying, increase moisture, can put some of greenery in the home, such as bracketplant, direction, thorn ball and other tiger skin. Plants such as bracketplant, thorn ball can not only increase the wet, still can help to absorb the toxic gas such as formaldehyde in the room, safe environmental protection. 5, herding of ornamental fish aquarium, fish tank is put inside some peacock, black Mary, small fish, such as red arrow, or a few brocade carp is right choice, such as sufficient and fish tank can evaporate the water vapor, to increase the indoor humidity, increase interest for the room, and to achieve dual role of filling water. 6, away from heat source for furniture of a lot more water must not let furniture and radiator depend too close, attention away from the heat source, at least in about one meter. At ordinary times can also be a humidifier in the house, to improve the situation of the indoor air is too dry.
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