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French furniture - — Seiko spy aristocracy

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-15
French furniture gives the impression of decoration is various, the colour silver, elegant and gorgeous, artistic temperament is the first element of French furniture, French people look at a piece of furniture, first look at its design, process, first in the eyes closed, then we will consider other, French furniture, like the French, rich artistic temperament, the pursuit of perfection. Like Chinese style furniture, French furniture also points age, different times have different characteristics, such as baroque period pays attention to grand and luxuriant, the rococo period, pay attention to the beautiful beautiful, exquisite romantic elegant neoclassical period, period of caesarism exquisite impacted majestic, give prominence to the authority. Overall, French furniture, excellent materials, emphasizing the human production, process complex, adornment is various, elegant, exquisite, luxurious and romantic atmosphere. Now French furniture has been simplified into two schools, one is the French classical furniture, with strong aristocratic palace colors, retained the traditional paint silver, ornamental and so on, the second is the classic is to simplify the carve of heavy and complicated, and combined with modern life of French neoclassical furniture. But no matter how to divide, French furniture features include: ( 1) Exquisite exquisite carvings of flowers must be manual sculpture, vivid flowers, wood clear profound, have administrative levels feeling, and petals eversion effect is obvious; ( 2) Seat and back of the chair is to use more luxuriant satin-covered fabrics instead of cortex, to increase the sense of luxury and comfort of users; ( 3) Exquisite and elegant, classical paste gold foil, silver foil, or neoclassical furniture piano lacquer painting, no matter how much modelling and simplified and decoration, the overall appearance is exquisite, elegant, artistic and romantic. Deduce 1 atmosphere French classical furniture needs to complete display only good-looking, combined with the adornment of heavy and complicated, want to have enough space to show, general model area of not less than 120 square meters, can consider to put French classical furniture, in addition, european-style wallpaper, crystal lamp, ground brick restoring ancient ways, carpet, curtain, etc to decorate will not less. Deduce 2 mature appearance, actually pass is low-key collect inside aristocratic life attitude, is usually consumers to buy over the age of 30, and neoclassical because the modelling of lightweight, beautiful color, with rich brocade fabric, is also very popular with some mature lady. Deduce three mix some French furniture in order to adapt to China's family, designed some lite version, like a set of combinations, a table with four chairs, the silver foil cover, there is no other decoration, suitable for the modern Jane European style of the bedroom. Deduce four multi-purpose clever design for French furniture is a multi-purpose content, such as flat open dresser, became a lady desk, dresser also design a jewelry box.
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