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French furniture and European classical furniture collocation points for attention

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-08
French furniture with a full-bodied European court colour, seiko fine cut, with perfect artistic breath. French furniture style is mainly divided into four kinds: the baroque and rococo, neoclassicism and caesarism. Under the leitmotif of elegant luxury and have their own characteristics: baroque grand magnificent; Rococo elegant clever soft; The neoclassical carved elegant; Type resolute majestic caesarism. The traditional European furniture 'size' is bigger, only put in the spacious space, can better embody the French furniture, gorgeous and the style of the European classical furniture, the small family often Europe type furniture. Actually, want to choose the size of the furniture good home, all kinds of door model can dress up the Europe type style. Global unified local mixed decorate a style to cater to furniture design elegant european-style furniture and has historical sense, the collocation with household whole style is very exquisite. If choose the dark European classical furniture, the floor should be also should be color is deeper, to reveal the nobility that restore ancient ways. If the furniture is light color can match light color wood floors or archaize brick, create a natural and elegant atmosphere. Metope adornment had better use stripe or broken beautiful design wallpaper, match again with the bible stories or scenery as the theme of oil painting, in order to achieve the unity on the style. Many owners are first selected furniture and home decoration style. Space collocation is decorated, had better choose as the main color with the color of the furniture with color, and properly add some soft accessories, to build an elegant atmosphere. Want to embody the unique effect, can choose Europe type furniture on the whole, the local space using a mashup. If the European classical furniture is given priority to the sitting room, add a piece of Chinese style tea table or after round-backed armchair, can reflect the Chinese and western different feelings. The rich furniture solid wood furniture imported solid wood hand-carved, after two drying processing ( Not afraid of deformation and cracking) , the first layer cow leather, high density sponge (45 Ten years of deformation rate within 5%) , welcome to visit our factory and pan, phone/WeChat: 13129182922
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