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'Five have a listen to' help you choose good ceramic tile

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-15

( Preface] In the process of the whole household decorates, choose ceramic tile also is an important part of. Because many users are new to decorate, so about how to choose good ceramic tile are confused about. Today, the small make up and share a good choose ceramic tile method five have a listen to; Together, to get to know:

1. See appearance

first see ceramic tile is straight. Good ceramic tile face flat, such product deformation small, construction is convenient, 2 thes. Smooth and beautiful.

2。 The surface

observing whether there is a spot touch, corrugated, peeling, crack, brick, if lack of glaze, etc. Side and the back to see if there is obstruction of bonded obvious adhesion glaze and shortcomings, affecting the use products, such as whether there is a clear logo on the back.

3。 Look on the back of the

all ceramic tile should appear on the back of ivory. The back of the glazed tile should be red.

4。 The hardness

embryo rigid body, the greater the density of the product quality, the better, if ceramic tile looks a granular, ceramic tile is not good. Can see the density of the weigh in hand, the heavier the ceramic tile of the same size brick, the better.

5。 Listen to the sound

one hand and one side of the brick, hand percussion ceramic tile, ceramic tile than sound of ringing loud, low turbidity products of good quality.

6。 The bibulous rate

can be a drop of ink on the back of the product and see if the ink spread out automatically. Ink dispersed, in general, the slower speed, bibulous rate is the smaller, inner quality is superior, the more durable products.

( Conclusion] The above are a few tips when choosing ceramic tile five have a listen to; , the user at the time of ceramic tile of choose and buy, use these methods reasonably, can help you choose the ceramic tile with good satisfaction.

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