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( Fine] Health residential knowledge quiz

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-13

( The preface] Nowadays everyone is looking forward to the green environmental protection household is decorated, build healthy household space not only needs enthusiasm, installed in a comprehensive health knowledge is indispensable. Below, we common health home outfit series problems, gives a comprehensive answer, and everyone to share!

question 1: just finished decorating bridal chamber, harmful smell mainly comes from where?

the answer: the new decorated room odor main source & ndash; — Particle board, density board, plywood and other man-made plank, adhesive, wallpaper, etc. Harm human body harmful substances including formaldehyde, as we know and TVOC and other harmful characteristics. Studies show that the release of harmful gas up to 3 - 15 years, and exerts a subtle influence on the people's health.

question 2: how to effectively remove the harmful gas in the air, to ensure your family's health?

answer: natural ventilation and ventilation can fundamentally eliminate the impact of harmful gases. Choose with air purification function of the coating can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the air, maintain indoor air fresh. Green plants can also help to absorb the harmful gas.

question 3: bridal chamber decorates acceptance, how to know whether their air standard?

answer: air whether health, smell and see the green plants in the home is not reliable, because a lot of harmful gases, tasteless, and exist for a long time. The key is to choose green metope lacquer, not only environmental protection characteristics, but also can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.

question 4: on the market at present the latest green metope lacquer has read what?

answer: in addition to formaldehyde, bamboo charcoal active factor, tea tree essence of science and technology, the full effect, etc. Are all of the stories of green metope lacquer, such as duoleshi latest quality metope lacquer, breath is not only has high efficiency in removing aldehyde technology, also added bamboo charcoal active factor, which can effectively purify formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC in the air. Tea tree essence can kill bacteria metope comprehensively.

question 5: choose metope lacquer will see clear! Green metope lacquer which elements should have?

answer: purify formaldehyde purification, purification, benzene, TVOC, kill bacteria and other metope is environmentally friendly coatings should have some of the elements. Paint is environmental protection, basically see the purification rate of harmful gases, and kill bacteria function more green metope household environment.

( Summary] Believe that knowledge quiz after watching these home outfit, domestic outfit should have a certain understanding for people's health, that is hard to build a healthy, warm home!

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