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Feng shui, small wire 'salamanders; evil spirit' make you sick!

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, the wire of feng shui, someone will say how this small wires will the destruction of the feng shui ah, don't try so hard against small make up me, after you see the following article you don't think so. The use of electricity, let our life more and more convenient, various kinds of electric wire with electricity use, so our living space everywhere in the wire, the wires dew on the surface not only affects the entire household space of the beautiful, also can produce salamanders; evil spirit, influence people's health and luck. Mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, as well as microwave ovens, washing machines and other electrical appliances in our life is very common, everywhere in the home have a wire to the power supply for the electronics, home appliance, so cause the wire is also more and more in the home! A lot of families are virtually the salamanders; evil spirit, salamanders; very great hazard, below small make up take you further understand the salamanders; evil spirit. A, clever dissolve the salamanders; evil spirit TV game, we can be all kinds of messy wires used electric box organized tucked away inside box, do not let the wire in the hall flow, caused the salamanders; evil spirit of interference. Make household more beautiful and neat, like this can also resolve the ferociousness of salamanders; evil spirit. The suction machine in use after use, can't lazy put everywhere, should be packed wire back into the store content ark. To receive a note: when you need to suction machine is best not to light, also want to place the sucker down for good. And some electronic products at all, should be in time to put away their chargers, reduce leakage of electric wire. Method to minimize the salamanders; evil spirit, we can also decorate in household design, used more contact wires, install more into the wall socket. Avoid is insufficient, because electrical outlet on the east of electrical appliances, inserted in the west of the socket, wire across the hall, and also can be used to reduce drag plate. 2: salamanders; very ubiquitous computer: computer now has become to the home appliances, but most computers also make wire 'culprit'. The most simple computer, also need three or four electric outlet, wires attached to the host body, there have been numerous. Console, the wii connected to the TV. Can enjoy a better effect, but also can cause from TV sets to sit by the position, transferring a lot of wires, plus other game accessories, causing strips multifarious wires, across in the middle of the hall, remind everybody here, all the wires on the feng shui, which were not auspicious. Suction machine, suction machine is in use, long wire like the snakes body, suction machine as head of the snake with a suction cup, is in geomantic go up to also is evil spirit. Some other electronic products, digital cameras, CD machine, MD, also need to install all the charger, the modern family, whole house also with wire and the electric socket, dazzling. Three: salamanders; very bad feng shui wires due to its form, like the salamanders; so their ShaQi called 'salamanders; evil spirit'. Salamanders; evil spirit this feng shui problems will affect a person tired, nervous, and even muscle twitching, bones and muscles often is in a state of toxic heat, hardening, soreness, along with all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, the disease becomes more and more common in recent years, mainly because the wire and more and more in the family has a lot to do. Chinese medicine called 'snake', in fact is with the wires in the home feng shui. Due to a large number of wires irregularly in the home, the serious influence to feng shui, indirect influence is healthy. Well above is small make up to bring the articles about small wires can also destroy the feng shui, hope can bring you help.
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