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Extend the life of the leather sofa maintenance is the key

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
Now many families leather sofa of choose and buy, but a lot of people found that cortical variation after a period of time, in fact is the maintenance problems. Small make up today for busy housewives introduced several leather sofa maintenance of methods. Leather sofa cleaning method 1, after a dermal sofa maintenance from the purchase, the sofa of newly purchased first wash wet towel, twist dry wipe dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, after reoccupy light brushing sofa surface care agent, one to two times, Don't use waxy quality care) , so in the form a layer of protective film on the surface of leather, make the deep dermis pore dirt not easily in the future, easy to clean. 2, want to avoid oily be soiled, flyblown sofa ball-point pen, ink, etc. Such as found on the sofa with besmirch, etc. , shall be immediately with leather cleaner cleanness, such as no leather cleaner, can wipe gently with a clean white towel touchs a few alcohol stains, then use dry wet towel to wipe dry, nursing with protective agent finally. Dermal sofa pollution is serious, not only lose the original luster, and dirt infiltration into the dermis wool stoma. To clean the dirt clean, need to use cleaning sofa dedicated steam engine and special cleaning agent. When using steam cleaning sofa sofa, do a test in an inconspicuous area first, to see whether the cortex fade, fade as with other methods. 3, the daily care of sofa with twist dry wet towel to wipe, about 2 - 3 months with leather cleaner to clean the sofa, or use the household vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface of sofa, etc. After cleaning, we should give a layer of protective liquid on sofa, in order to prevent dirt infiltration cortex in the wool stoma again cause secondary pollution. Protective fluid had better use soft leather sofa dedicated liquid wax, or leather will harden rapidly aging. Dermal sofa and maintenance method 1, for leather sofa, to avoid sharp cut leather. If use undeserved cause leather surface appear small cracks, scratch, available egg qing dynasty grinding ink, color skin corresponding watercolor colors are available, and repeatedly daub, wait for dry after appearing to smear leather polish or vaseline; If the crack is opposite bigger, with the high quality adhesives such as black glue evenly applied to the cut hole on both sides, for 8 ~ 10 minutes, taut crevasse, alignment, adhesion, finally use the eraser to residual glue traces of the crevasse. In order to prolong service life, avoid playing kids jumping on the sofa, direct contact with the sofa has the body of sweat. 2, furniture place to avoid high temperature and humidity. High temperature can make synthetic leather appearance change, mutual adhesion; Hydrolysis of humidity will make synthetic leather, the occurrence and development causes the damage of surface film, shorten service life. Therefore, furniture should not be placed near the fire, also should not be placed on the edge of the radiator, and don't let the sun was shining; Such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen room shoulds not be configured synthetic leather furniture. Sunlight are common as the sitting room, might as well a while some sofa intermodulation position to prevent color difference obvious; If the humidity is bigger, can use at 8 PM to 10 PM weak sunlight for seven days, every day 1 hour, about 3 months. The use of the leather protectant wash towels ( Or any do not fade the soft cloth) After twist dry hands folded, hand-held folding towels, spray leather protectant until slightly damp, swabs leather, gently rub, do not rub, swabs each part according to the order repeat spray protective agent to maintain a slightly damp cloth until complete the nursing process. Restores skin's range of motion. To prolong the service life of sofa.
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