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Every piece of furniture, used to be a world

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-27
Every good furniture, by stylist gives a soul, each of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, every inch of grinding, each piece of material, each kind of color is the craftsman after days and nights of thought under the time of fermentation brewing. Look carefully, quietly touch, both in terms of vision or the sense of touch is a kind of enjoyment.

different material, different emotions. A bed today, ask it, how many stories, how many personnel. A dressing table, ask it, how many women who sits before the delighted to dress up or low eyebrow lament or was lost. How many people are there in a chair, ask it, touch it, how many people are around it. A wardrobe, ask it, how many clothes from young to old life, mood is how to open the chest, touch kind kind of look in the mirror. All of this in time become the secret of silence.

a french country furniture trend is also because people need to produce. Because the king's word, a pile of requirements, preferences, craftsmen spend polishing a piece of furniture. Because Louis xv's mistress, peng pardew, makes the rococo style popular at that time in use today.

in a long time ago, both in China and abroad many luxury french country furniture. But in later period, the modern, the market is more of a contracted and close to nature, emphasis on creativity. It also artists increasingly rare relationship, few people are willing to take the time to study, to depict. About the ancient people life rhythm is slow. And now, a lot of people with practical good, there is no have emphasized in the details of the notice. Can't imagine why might take the time to do a back of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, is there any specific use. A lot of things, however, beauty is useless. The beauty of the useless is the art of life.

see the modern design, more is to incorporate some interesting elements in furniture, through the collocation of color, creating visual aesthetic feeling. Now in order to adapt to an inch of gold in the market, the design of more and more attention to maximize space utilization. On the basis of the rich with strange ideas, rendering. There are a lot of great design began to connect with nature. Perhaps is because modern life is too complex, tired, so many times hope house is a simple, clear, comfortable environment.

furniture tide of change seems to be a period reflect the situation of people's life. People inside. Very interesting.

so start for the future, the reflections. To make money, good house, buy french country furniture, have good life, steadfast.

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