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European-style wardrobe wardrobe maintenance technique is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-05
As is known to all, the chest of a new beginning is beautiful, very provoking love. However, because of the wardrobe, material, time is long, a few years passed, it will lose its original color, or a series of other problems. As we all know, wood is vulnerable to bacteria pollution, pests, fire and flood materials, therefore, reasonable maintenance was carried out on the chest is very important. Now on the market sell wardrobe phyletic and various, and the train door walk-in closet because its not occupy a space by consumers. In the face of such wardrobe, we should be pay attention to the maintenance of the slippery course, don't let the heavy parts slide in its deformation. In addition, regular check of the condition of the slippery course to see if there is a scratch on deformation are necessary, appropriate drip into the lubricating oil, can prolong the service life of slide rail. In polished surface of the wooden chest, don't let alcohol, detergents and other corrosive chemicals direct contact with the surface of wood, the chest has certain harm. When, in fact, wipe the wooden chest, just dab a small amount of neutral detergent with a clean cloth to wipe the can. European-style wardrobe should be placed where there is no direct sunshine, can use the drapes or gauze curtain will wardrobe block is outside the scope of direct sunlight. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet ray for a long time can shorten the service life of the chest, the solid wood wardrobe is affected by light. However, this is not to say that the chest to put in place in the dark, proper ventilation air is necessary. Furniture custom furniture on the market is very popular now, many consumers will also according to their actual size to make a proper wardrobe. When custom wardrobe to home carefully check whether there is a look at the following lateral sealing. Transverse sealing can prevent small insects into the chest, so cross seal is very important. Chest, sometimes like a woman's face, if not to care, maintenance, sooner or later become a yellow face shiva.
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