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European-style solid wood furniture maintenance method is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-21
When buying furniture, need to the businessman asked whether the clear oil or wax, etc should be taken to maintain. If it is a used furniture wax maintenance, wax when the choose and buy, the better choice high concentration of solid wax, it can fill up the small defects on the furniture. In addition, the spray wax is also a good choice. But don't, they are used together can make furniture surface a blur, otherwise no longer shiny. Buy solid wood furniture, will need to clean the environment that occupy the home, cleaning carefully thoroughly. When the new furniture is put after positioning, with dry or slightly damp cloth to wipe it again. When buy new furniture already make all the protection measures, so don't try so hard to make oil or wax work for new furniture. When using a period of time after, it is suggested that once every 2 months to do maintenance work. Pay attention to the indoor humidity. Some on the surface of the wood furniture paint finish ( Smooth surface paint, glass paint) After using for a long time, the surface will have crack, so the daily cleaning and maintenance work can't be too lazy. Solid wood furniture has the function of automatic adjustment humidity so dehumidification once a month. But home location belongs to the humid areas, for example, the number of desiccant can rate increased slightly.
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