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European-style solid wood furniture and maintenance knowledge of introduction

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-14
In our daily life, often to their own home european-style solid wood furniture, cleaning and maintenance, in order to keep the furniture shine, but even if the method error of cleaning and maintenance method can make furniture to keep clean for a period of time, but is actually in the tangible invisible damage to furniture, European furniture small make up today to give you do a simple European style furniture and maintenance method of training, only we have enough furniture maintenance knowledge, can make furniture and durable for a long time, okay, let's take a look at the furniture maintenance knowledge. 1, waxing on cloth coated with a small amount of light oil, on the furniture to a quick light is very fast, but later often need to two dust the furniture. Oil will attract dust, rather than against dust. Therefore furniture once because the oil change beautiful shine, it will soon become covered in dust. And many dust and oil together, lead to furniture becomes extremely difficult to clean and is prone to scratches. Liquid wax to some extent, it is better than polishing oil, they can create a protective layer in the surface of wood, make the dust down, rather than sticking, but its not as durable as sand wax protection time. 2, dust with a soft cotton cloth along wood grain direction often wipe away the dust on the surface of the furniture. Before to dust, should be on a soft cloth dipped in cleaner, be careful not to use dry cloth to wipe, lest chafed. After a period of time, with a twist dry moisture of wood furniture from wet cotton silk will be dust carefully wipe clean, the wood furniture connect body to wipe it again, and then with a clean dry fine soft cotton cloth wipe dry. Can also be coated with a thin layer after wipe out the light of the quality of wax, do not only maintain the wooden furniture, has increased its light. 3, water mark treated water mark usually would disappear after a period of time. If it is still visible after a month, please use a piece of clean with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise soft actually water marks in the wood grain direction is wiped. Or can use wet cloth cover on the print, and then use steam iron carefully several times on the wet cloth, print can be down. 4, to repair the small scratches to cover furniture and solid wood furniture, repair them very very simple: just buy in your local store with a wax, as far as possible to choose the color of the wood color matching with you. As long as the paint in the scratch, your work is done. Wax will help you to protect your furniture from a variety of attacks, it can also hide scratches. Then this part of the furniture area again last wax, to ensure that the wax has been covered with scratches, no coating on the bare wood.
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