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European style furniture paint is used is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-24
A lot of people with coating, but do you know how to choose and buy paint? European furniture below small make up just to share some paint to use common sense, hoping to provide some help for you. A scrub resistance, emulsioni paint is a very high number of emulsioni paint of scrub resistance is mainly composed of formulation, adjusting formula can adjust the number of scrubbing resistance within a certain range. But scrubbing resistance of latex paint is not the more the better, constantly improve scrub resistance, can lead to rising costs, and other performance will suffer. So, need in the number of scrubbing resistance and other properties, striking a balance between cost, make emulsioni paint already has good scrub resistance, and other performance against losses, and have a reasonable cost. 2, the choice of coating, can refer to the following principles of foot traffic room appropriate chooses pollution resistance, ageing resistance, good colour coating. According to the characteristics of the climate, the southern appropriate chooses moistureproof, mouldproof coatings with good sex. The northern coatings with good sex of appropriate chooses low temperature construction. Three, I know that the ground of the room area, how to calculate their besmear brushs area if you know the need to besmear to brush the ground of the room area, high room in 2. 5 meters: * 3 can use ground area, it is the coating area. If the room is higher than 2. 7 meters or less than 2. 5 meters, but the corresponding increase or decrease coefficient.
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