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European style furniture maintenance way

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-26
In the ancient life, have become indispensable accessories, furniture purchase what kind of furniture can indirectly show people's preferences and accomplishment. European furniture made is the match in the furniture market is one of the furniture of farewell, and like the people of Europe type furniture more and more, but many people only know the purchase does not understand its remaining is also very important, because the temporary use of furniture if failed to timely care, lost will let furniture be original hair luster. Actually furniture of hairdressing is very complicated, complex, but it still compare the above with small make up together to study furniture under the mode of secondary care! ! ! ! If is white paint furniture, it is compare easy to render the scene of a yellow we can use toothpaste to the stop all to wipe, but we are in the process of wiping don't be too hard, or you will present breakage form paint layer. Lemon can be used for furniture except scar effect, but the way the detailed requirements on the basis of the size of the area, if be the word that the fire burns, with half a piece of lemon stop to wipe brush, after will stop cotton soaked in hot water to wipe, then use dry cloth to wipe it again, if is too much dust on the paint furniture, we can apply with wet gauze tea stop repeat to wipe, cold, of course, also can indirectly use tea to stop to wipe, the effect will be more and more.
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