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European style furniture maintenance tips in winter

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-10
In daily life, we often need to furniture for cleaning and maintenance, to keep them bright. Especially in the winter, indoor dry, plus some error of cleaning and maintenance methods, caused irreparable damage to the furniture. So, Europe type furniture small make up today for you to move, to teach you how to maintain the furniture at home. ​ Maintain indoor humidity, humidity is the most important is the key of the furniture in winter maintenance. The winter cold cause air moisture decreased, with air conditioning and indoor heating 'baking', home furniture is easy to crack, even appear fade phenomenon, so the humidity is the key to furniture maintenance. Regularly clean to prevent dust intrusion road construction, construction sites, such as vehicle traffic generated by the dust in addition to let a person feel uncomfortable, to furniture also is a big test. For furniture, especially wooden furniture, the dust is the first killer. General with annatto, teak, oak, walnut and so on to make the comparison of high-grade log furniture, there will be many elegant carve patterns or designs on woodwork, these places are most likely to dust, such as not clean regularly ash, will accelerate the aging speed of furniture. Reduce open the window out of direct sunlight a lot of people think that the heat can make indoor temperature, through the open window will keep the room ventilation, to prevent furniture craze. Industry insiders said li chao, a window can only reduce the humidity inside house, furniture to create an environment of more dry. Was the real reason for chapped and furniture humidity rather than temperature. Should reduce ventilation in winter time, that is the right of furniture maintenance method. Finally the small make up remind of Europe type furniture: furniture put the position best to avoid direct sunlight outside the window, the paint can not stand too much time in the sun, winter summer, can appear otherwise fade. Sun uneven will cause another terrible results, originally a set of two bedside table, after a period of time in the sun, two bedside table showing a completely different color. Metal parts also can appear the oxidation, material material brittle damage occurred. If the location of furniture can't change, had better use the curtain to separate sunlight, etc.
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