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European style furniture is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-26
European furniture small make up today, is to explain to you, the characteristics of Europe type furniture style, hope can bring you some help. Strong European style with luxuriant adornment, colour, elegant modelling reach elegant adornment effect, emphasis on performance of nature is the main characteristic of European pastoral style, European pastoral style in the performance of nature at the same time stressed the romance and the characteristics of modern pop. Broad, heavy furniture also is the necessary element of Europe type style. European style living room with large lamp pool at the top of the xi, beautiful chandelier build atmosphere with China. Doors and Windows more than half of circular arc form, with the pattern of gesso line edge. Into the mouth turned up two more luxurious hall Roman column, the interior is true or false fireplace modelling fireplace. Metope had better use the wallpaper, or choose high grade emulsioni paint, in order to foil luxury effect. The ground material with stone or floor is preferred. Ou the sitting room is very need to use furniture and soft adornment to build the overall effect. Dark oak or maple furniture, colour is bright colourful cloth art sofa, in the role of is European style in the living room. And romantic Roman shade, exquisite painting, well-made sculpture handicraft, is touched the indispensable element of Europe type style. Well that is the small make up of Europe type furniture, to bring us the introductions of Europe type furniture style characteristic, hope can bring you help.
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