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European style furniture geomancy taboo

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-03
Europe type style is more and more popular among the masses, solid wood furniture, too, so what Europe type furniture has geomantic exquisite? Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to introduce you to the geomantic contraindication of Europe type furniture which some are there? ​ Ou feng shui pros and cons of Europe type style emphasizes sitting room, to feel more visual effects for the choice, and the requirements of traditional household of feng shui is emphasis on practical and applicable with people, the pool of the sitting room of Europe type tend to use big lamp, with luxuriant foliage light foil atmosphere, if the sitting room is just in the whole house of words, that is very wrong, if the fierce can also. Fengshui thought 'should be high, bad appropriate to sink' because now building impossible to adjust the height of the good or ill luck position roof, it is only through hang to reflect the level of the room space,. If Rome pillars as the decoration of the sitting room is good, but if you put is not the position of great influence to indoor feng shui. Because often form a like is very bad. If it is a square column, if cry to the door that's words, if the cylinder is the symbol of the trapped a like. How European sitting room furniture put the sitting room is the place that family share, should be in building the central position; If the sitting room is capacious and every other part of the bedroom is the worst of the sitting room. Hall should avoid beam barrier, can the its structure on the decoration into all kinds of beautiful shape. Such as the traditional arch, the extension of the ceiling, painted flowers, etc. , can be simply divided into two areas. The sitting room sofa is decreasing not repeatable, most avoid is a half, or party a circle with two sets of sofa. The aquarium in the sitting room, miniascape has the use of the function of the 'songs', make indoor richer life, and fingerling the odd number with colour profusion had better.
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