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European style furniture for the winter

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-21
Winter although there is no other seasons so strong, but the air is dry and cold, and indoor heating 'baking', furniture is easy to appear crack and local fade, so moderate humidity of the air in the home is the key of furniture and maintenance. There are many consumer reaction geothermal structure after a year of use a lot of places of real wood floor fractures, according to the personage inside course of study introduces, real wood floor tend to retain a certain moisture inside, but in the case of winter geothermal dry, floor water shrinkage, away from the seam between the floor is natural increase, so the appropriate increase the humidity in the home can effectively prevent the occurrence of cracks. Professionals warn broad customer, at the same time the winter humidification and moderation. Wood moisture absorption, along with the change of environment change easily, so be uniform humidification, as far as possible let humidifier in the ventilation, lighting is moderate, can not be close to the furniture, otherwise, it's easy to have a hygroscopic and expansion of timber, furniture cracked, mildew, in corrosion of the metal, furniture does bonded parts easy to glue, original chrome plated to produce the problem such as mold release. General use of humidifier to keep the room humidity in heating period 40% 60% more appropriate.
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