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European style furniture, deputy mayor zhao hai inspectorate condolences to city ecological environment

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

' To the spirit of England face difficult problems, the problem of the rectification in place. ” Yesterday, deputy mayor zhao hai led condolences city second inspectorate in ecological environment, stressed that the city should attaches great importance to environmental protection supervision work, adhere to the problem oriented, solid do a good job in key cases, solve the key problem. City second reported inspectorate leader Ye Liang inspectorate ecological environment work. Yesterday afternoon, nanhai zone, zhao hai led to understand the city second inspectorate ecological environment in the south China sea to carry out the supervision work. As the city ecological environment of the second inspectorate group leader, deputy director of the standing committee Ye Liang said that since the end of may to nanhai district, city second inspectorate ecological environment by looking at the site, visit information, data access, in nanhai district has investigated polluters, river flood management, air quality, and so on and so forth, initially formed a district, township issue list. Ye Liang, said the next city inspectorate will sink into the village, the heavily polluting enterprises, focus on supervision verification to village industrial park, etc. “ Environmental protection supervision system can help us find problems, help the better development district. ” After listen to the reports to city second inspectorate ecological environment, zhao hai stressed that the district to earnestly implement on environmental protection, solid do a good job assigned by cases and problems. For nanhai district to water conservancy as a top priority of the current work, earnestly implement the rectification requirements, clear river flood live ahead of schedule, detailed water conservancy project.

to carry out the environmental protection work, zhao hai puts forward four points: in thinking, to attach great importance to environmental protection supervision work, take on the responsibility of environmental protection, put environmental protection and economic development are equally important position. In action, the city's districts to implement & other; The case of three check & throughout; Dare to be seriously, dare to face difficult problems, and dare to be & other Chew crack & throughout; , determined to find out the case, find out the problems, don't pass any link, in accordance with the law and handle illegal enterprises and personnel according to regulation in place. In the investigation on the case, to focus on the difficult, trying to solve a number of key case and key problems, such as the problems of nanhai district water conservancy, guangfo border river water quality, sewage treatment, etc. , to rectify the question in place. On the system construction, regional system oriented, establish and improve the long-term effective mechanism of environmental protection and clear all related departments of environmental protection responsibility, ensure the environment problem is not a rebound. ( Wen/daily chia-hui Lin pearl river business newspaper reporter Liu Yunsheng)

the city ecological environment inspectorate third

for multiple evaluated integratedly to carry out the on-site supervision

the pearl business newspaper reporter shao Heng reported: on June 7, the city third inspectorate ecological environment by the group leader Zheng Canru, deputy head of the vc inducer of mulling two ways, respectively for Ann, ronggui, liang, lunjiao town, The street) On-site supervision, focusing on the central environmental inspector assigned by processing to the case, involving mass complaints, such as water conservation cleaning work, evaluated integratedly and related enterprise strict rectification pays special attention to the problem, resolutely implement the good air and water pollution prevention and control measures, and improve regional environmental quality.

in junan, Zheng Canru line field visited are Ann waterworks, the secondary water reserves, on-site supervision of central environmental protection supervision & other; Looking back throughout the &; Cases to carry out the situation, the rectification of Zheng Canru points out, all in clean water source protected areas within the scope of the illegal construction projects do a certain job, but some still do thoroughness to solve, hope to the central environmental protection supervision & other; Looking back throughout the &; Pays special attention to the problem as an opportunity, will strictly a rectification, comprehensively implement the bottom line for water source reserve area, prevent the resurgence.

then, for after the masses ronggui tree near the bridge river flood black smelly, Zheng Canru requirements ronggui adjust measures to local conditions, take measures to improve the landscape water body, effectively solve the black smelly problem of common concern. In the big good, good Zheng Canru line came to the big river branch of the gushing silver river sewage renovation construction site, details about the big good the river environment renovation project progress, and so on and so forth. “ Water environment governance is about people living environment and well-being of the people's livelihood, big good street want to combine the central environmental protection supervision & lsquo; Look back & rsquo; YingJian work, coordinate and cooperate the good side of guangxi water system renovation project implementation unit and try to overcome difficulties, to speed up the project progress, improve the good big of the river water environment as soon as possible. ” Zheng Canru said.

in addition, the deputy head of the vc inducer Ren Yixing respectively for a certain food co. , ltd. and textile printing and dyeing co. , LTD. , in view of the existing problems, and vc inducer of worksite, the enterprise must implement the main responsibility of environmental protection, strengthen the social responsibility, improve the pollution treatment facilities and standardize the daily operation, carry out measures of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and remarks related to the town ( The street) Need to borrow the city ecological environment supervision, to carry out the deal with the environmental protection supervision & other; Looking back throughout the &; Relevant cases, the masses to complain about the environment, firmly in mind that xi jinping, general secretary of & other; With the consideration humans extend to other life ecological environment & throughout; To be completed mission, playing good pollution prevention.

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