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European style furniture cracked what should I do

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-14
European style furniture will be like we are sick due to some changes in the weather, especially after high temperature hot and humid in summer and the alternation of summer and fall season, will lead to rapid changes in the moisture content of solid wood furniture and cause the cracking of lumber. So the wardrobe will craze of real wood? Solid wood furniture cracked how to do? About this question today small make up take you to get to know it. European style furniture cracked how to remedy it. Furniture of Europe type style using the environment should be air moisture content in 40 ~ 70, if the environment is not in conformity with the requirements or improper use, is, indeed, have the problem of craze, but if the maintenance to use the environment properly, the problem is that can reduce and even can be neglected. First of all, European style furniture is made of wood. Just saw the wood moisture accounts for more than half the weight of the sheets after drying, retain the right amount of moisture, so that coordinated with the relative humidity of the furniture, and then made into furniture. The timber furniture will continue to exchange with air moisture, and with the change of relative humidity and the contraction and expansion. On the other hand, if the house without air conditioning and smoke wet machine, high relative humidity may, furniture of xylem branch of absorption and expansion in the air, may therefore stuck drawer, but when the relative humidity inside the room to drop, and will recover. But the quality of furniture and solid degree is not affected by the natural changes and reduce. Accordingly, real wood furniture appear occasionally a little cracking phenomenon belongs to the normal situation. Solid wood furniture, the phenomenon of the cracking, first of all, is the cause of the climate, all the year round alternate replacement, will inevitably lead to the air humidity is bigger or reduced, at that time a lot of solid wood furniture will appear heat bilges cold shrink, and cause the cracking phenomenon. There is a lot of the workers in the processing of wood, used to cut corners has the potential to real wood furniture also craze, and the use of ordinary maintenance is not correct, also can appear the phenomenon of cracking. Solid wood furniture cracking don't try so hard, we can do some remedial method, can make the real wood furniture is in good condition. First prepare some old newspapers, cut into crumbs, then add appropriate alum in wastepaper, stir to mix well. At this moment then confetti and alum mixture into prepared container, add a small amount of water, stir again. The container above soft fire boil into a paste, cooked paste mixture into into the cracks of the solid wood furniture, allow it to dry naturally can have the effect of remedy. More than any will craze about furniture of Europe type style and solid wood furniture cracked how to do just to be here to introduce the related content.
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