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European style furniture at ordinary times should be how to maintain

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-04
We know that furniture is a buy back is about to notice to maintain it, furniture only under the careful cultivation, to make their life longer. Primary care is to be over time for its waxing polishing. That how to furniture polish and wax? To the furniture polish wax have what good? About these problems today please and small make up together to learn about the Europe type furniture. A: is important to note that the lacquer layer has the damage, after answering to undertake handling first again cerated. By sear cigarette parts, such as limited to the surface paint layer, can dip in with fine sandpaper water gently after water mill to stain, and then hit waxing. Surface scratches and no evidence of deep and wood, can make local polish with glazing candle directly. The shoeshine of color close also can have the same effect. To heat the white group mark that leaves on lacquer layer on the cups, can dip in with the hand a small amount of vegetable oil, to trace, and friction with a cloth. Such as trace still not take out, can be a piece of cotton cloth soaked in warm water after dry, inunction of on drop a few drops of ammonia and then use the polishing wax polish. 2: use a small piece of cotton cloth mooring wax polish out large area, with a larger piece of dry cloth again according to the circular form cent will wax brush evenly, on the basis of don't leave a mark. If the wax with too much, not only can leave streaks and markings, influence burnish, time is long, will soften the paint layer and not easy to get rid of. 3: before using wax polish, to check the lacquer layer surface is intact. To the newer carpentry furniture, use fine cotton cloth to surface dirt rub-up, reserved for too long or hard to remove stains, usable cotton dips in a small amount of gasoline or alcohol wipe brush. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, furniture of Europe type style how should maintain at ordinary times, hope this article can bring you some help.
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