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European style design

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-19
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, the style of European furniture design. European bedroom some not just luxury atmosphere, more artistic and romantic. Through the perfect curve, the details of the best, bring family of comfortable tactility, actually harmony is the highest state of Europe type style. At the same time, the European style decoration style are best suited for this set of large area of the house, if the space is too small, not only unable to show their style potential gas, instead of people living in it cause a kind of oppressive feeling. Of course, but also has a certain aesthetic accomplishment, can make use of Europe type style, otherwise will only backfire. Door of modelling of Europe type style is very exquisite modelling design, including the door of the room and all kinds of cupboard door, both to highlight AoTuGan, and sleek lines, two kinds of modelling set each other off feeling boring, amorous feelings. The fireplace is the typical carrier of western culture, the choice is European style decoration, design a fireplace modelling, such as a wall lamp, lively, the whole is contracted, pure room space, passing on the bottom of the western culture of rhyme with a dimly lights, wall lamp and hazy, romantic feeling arises spontaneously. Room by reflex lighting and local lighting, place oneself among them, comfortable and warm feeling attacks, let those who found homes for a living person. Household use modern strong furniture of Europe type style combination, and is characterized by simple, abstract, lively, contemporary feeling strong, choose white and color, the color of furniture, combination with appropriate lighting and modern appliances, such as audio equipment, as if to give priority to people weave a lively and beautiful dream. In European household space, metal frames abstract painting and photography are hanged on the wall, select some western art masters of fakes, such as human body painting, directly to bring home the western art, to create a strong artistic atmosphere, show the owner's cultural quality. The characteristics of Europe type style of Europe type style to emphasize luxuriant adornment, strong color, elegant modelling reach elegant adornment effect. European-style top of the sitting room, use a large lamp pool and luxuriant chandelier build atmosphere. Doors and Windows to make arc on the upper, gesso line hook edge with decorative pattern, indoor wall lamp modelling. Metope USES high grade emulsioni paint, with foil luxurious effect. Ground material is given priority to with stone and floor. European style living room with furniture and soft adornment to build the overall effect, dark like and maple furniture, colorful cloth art sofa, is the European cast in the role of the sitting room to the case. And romantic Roman shade, exquisite painting, well-made sculpture handicraft, is touched the indispensable element of Europe type style. Most of the sitting room under carry empty structure, large areas of glazing brings good daylighting, be born curtain is very handsome. Cloth art sofa combination with velvet texture and smooth wooden curve, the traditional European luxury of household and contemporary household practical perfect union. Wall lamp is essential nature, and it is placed in the space of interchange, and with four colorful painting photograph echo, to open living room provides a new bright spot. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, on the introduction of Europe type furniture style design, hope can bring you help.
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