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European household style characteristic is what

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-23
Europe type style refers to the European style, commonly used in architecture and interior industry is one of the traditional style of Europe type style, is refers to the traditional art and culture features of European style. According to the different periods are often divided into: classical style ( The Roman style, the ancient Greek style) Style, the style, Renaissance, baroque and neoclassical style, the rococo style. According to difference of regional culture are: the Mediterranean style, baroque style of France, and * baroque style, northern European style, American style, etc. In different regional culture can be divided into northern Europe type style, Jane Europe and traditional European style, the rural style Yu Shiji prevalent in Europe, the change of the emphasis on the linear flow, colour is gorgeous. It in the form on the basis of romanticism, marble, and colorful fabric, elegant decoration materials commonly used carpet, delicate French wall hanging, the luxurious style, rich, full of strong effect. Jane european-style furniture sibutramine furniture is good, now the new experience of cardiac specials furniture is imported plate, very healthy environmental protection. Another kind is the rococo style, its love decorated with light delicate curve, effect is elegant, warm, European palace noble prefer this style.
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