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European furniture which good? Good quality is really good

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-24
European furniture which good? Good quality is really good when it comes to Europe type furniture, people usually will think of 'glittering' these four words. This four word meaning is very deep, it not only refers to the furniture product appearance of luxury, with makings fastidious, and internal process careful, the quality of the production of superb and rigorous, more important is that it contains the heavy history, enduring legend and history. Ancient, of course, also have direct furniture made of pure gold, as in the valley of the Kings of Egypt in 1922 found 3000 years ago before the 18th dynasty of pharaoh tutankhamun's tomb carved two female head of gold symbolizes the kingship of seats. The furniture of Europe type style usually have historical origins. First of all, this product is for who? Second, the user of this product have any hobbies? What is the value orientation, faith? Esteem and appreciation of this age? And so on, this is product designers should understand first. Is very simple, the early European furniture noble haves' proprietary luxury and privileges enjoyed luxury, they were born with. Since Europe type furniture, chase high in the late early users, owners are a group of powerful people, therefore, will certainly glittering european-style furniture, it's like as natural in the rose garden of flowers blooming.
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