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European furniture swept home market sanitary ware enterprise transformation is imminent

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

in the past few years, french country furniture industry experienced a high-speed development period. Many sanitary ware enterprises have established & other; All who custom & throughout; The strategy. Indeed, for a period of time by consumers, to the enterprise brought substantial profits, but companies do not therefore rest easy.

sanitary ware industry needs in the product structure, processing and manufacturing, and innovative services, etc, to adapt to the new stage of development. In the new stage of industrial development, sanitary ware industry escalating competition will become inevitable.

taken together, the future market competition that defend bath has the following four problems to be wei qi:

a, overcapacity risks caused by

with sanitary ware enterprises increasingly fierce competition, to seize market share, setting up some sanitary ware brand to raise money to open a new round of productivity layout.

on January 24, 2018, le living group for $65 million ( About 400 million yuan) Increase the production capacity in India. Le live group will in future new 18. New factory of 20000 square meters, as the probe and American standard brand in local production base.

in February 2018, kohler said factories in jiangsu changzhou wujin high-tech zone, and the project investment of $75 million, the registered capital of $25 million, over the next five annual production plans to more than 3 billion yuan.

in March 2018, TOTO in Hanoi, Vietnam construction third plant put into production, the factory covers an area of 73000 ㎡, with a total investment of about 10 billion yen ( The RMB 6. 200 million yuan) Sanitary ware, annual production capacity reach 600000 items. In addition, TOTO expansion has many times in 2018.

but, in fact, excessive expansion of product lines can cause excess capacity. In the newly released 2018 annual report, TOTO down 22% operating profit in the Chinese market, analysis of the reasons given by the decline in sales, labor costs increase, etc.

when whole who customize products supply exceeds demand, the price will drop. In this case, the enterprise benefit is possible landslides.

2, whole decorate & other; Intercepting & throughout; , grabbing market share

in addition to continued to expand production line, as a result of excess capacity, whole decorate a policy introduced for all who customization enterprise would be tantamount to speak up.

China building decoration association residential decoration and part industry branch secretary Hu Yana says, whole decorate a policy implementation, causes enterprise, part material company faces whole customers & other; Intercepting & throughout; Single object, and value falls, bring trouble to the development of enterprises.

形象。 PNG

monarch light industry, according to statistics from the point of making a room size, hardcover room has accounted for 20%, 5% more than last year's again. This part will show itself. And originally belongs to the retail end of all who customize ( And including toilet, shower room, etc. ) Market share, is undoubtedly the upstream away.

the personage inside course of study says, these days, including developers, decoration companies, and even furniture manufacturing enterprises into the ready, bag check in army, custom market be cut again. In addition, the secondary decoration, office market has gathered a lot of players. In short, all who have been rendered more and more fragmented, professional custom market trends, and more and more tend to upstream concentration. Especially for the customization enterprise terminal stores, could be disastrous.

3, the changes of the international market, the domestic market increased competition

a long time, the United States is China's important exporter, this is all thanks to globalization and China's reform and opening up, but the new President of the United States and other trump Inverse globalization & throughout; Tendency of trade protectionism and & other; Throughout America &; Policy, or will form the huge impact to China's sanitary products are exported to the United States.

from sanitary ware industry, America may through so-called & other; Border taxes & throughout; And greatly raised tariffs on imported sanitary ware, exempt tariffs on American exports that defend bath, so as to affect China's export enterprises that defend bath. China's future bathroom exports is expected to have a significant decline.

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