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European furniture style characteristic is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-26
Music from the furniture city music from the furniture of Europe type style first in people demand for luxury heavy and complicated, later due to the needs of society, developed in European style. For modern society, Jane ou feng more get the welcome of people. But what's the difference between European and classical European Jane? What are contracted furniture of Europe type style characteristics to tell you. A: European contracted furniture design more emphasis on the stereo feeling and dynamics stereo feeling, have certain bump ups and downs in the furniture surface design, decorate in European contracted style of the space, have administrative levels feeling of the space continuity and shape changes. 2: pay attention to details, simplify the traditional European furniture is not simple, especially since the Renaissance of the rococo style will be the heavy and complicated of Europe type furniture decoration to an extreme. With the development of the era, this kind of style for obstructing the usability of the furniture but is gradually replaced by a European contracted style furniture. More than three: emphasis on comfort and informality bedding: choose soft cloth art the hammock, make whole room appears very sweet and romantic; ( Small make up really worry about such a style will not lead to day TianLai bed! ) Wardrobe: as large size and the classic European style, line is more traditional european-style wardrobe is concise, decorative pattern carve to simplify, combines modern fashion elements. Above is the small make up to bring about Europe type furniture style characteristic introduction, small make up hope this article can bring you some help.
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