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European furniture squeezed between household dealer channels of how to solve the problem?

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

we are in a channel of pluralistic social environment, for entrepreneurs and enterprises, it is a kind of positive, diversified channels for enterprise development direction and provides many business growth; For consumers, a wide variety of consumer scenario rich shopping experience. Traditional household dealers, however, channel diversity means to dealers to ever be superseded as the main channel, the threat comes mainly from four aspects of the channel change.

policy guiding fine decoration, good prices, real estate developers

mentioned in this article:

for fine decoration of the drive has been going on for nearly 20 years. In 1999, the State Council general office is offered to actively promote the disposable decorating pattern, avoid secondary decorate the damage; In 2008, the ministry is put forward to guide a decoration for new commodity housing in place, gradually cancel the semifinished product everywhere; In 2017, the ministry issued the construction & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; China all new development planning ', the paper puts forward three years decorate finished residential area of up to 30%. Since then, many provinces and cities calls, developed the corresponding policy.

in response to national policy, the real estate company started to try water hardcover. The rise of fine decoration business, is a great blow to the traditional dealers, this means that the increment of the future market needs of household, contracted by the real estate developers, enterprise and so on, they will be looking for furniture manufacturers with the ability to mass delivery and supply chain cooperation, will not cooperate with local brand dealers. In addition, mass in model has a strong bargaining power, even through distributors procurement, dealers are unprofitable.


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but at present, the real estate developers, companies were not completely replace the dealer, the reason is that hardcover have some pain points cannot be solved.

one is the ability to deliver quality, hardcover involving thousands of skus in, many small real estate developers and enterprises the ability of not doing large hardcover, hardcover room quality problems emerge in endlessly. 2 it is hardcover cannot meet the personalized needs of users. Householder home how many people, whether to have the old man, whether to have children, style preferences, and so on questions, the overall delivery of the hardcover cannot meet. This led to a high removal rate of fine decoration at two o 'clock.

for fine decoration removal rate is high, the real estate developers and the enterprise is not affected, because of the expensive cost accounting is already in the house, instead of pull down heavily brought secondary profit to enterprise.

and result in the dealer can get market, those who pull down heavily not find 'head of the household. But in the future, hardcover, under the trend of dealers, companies and consumers will have different degrees of compromise, hardcover will toward the direction of individuation, then the dealer market will be further reduced.

supply chain enterprises can assign foreman, freelance designer, intercepting the dealer

the supply chain in recent years, mainly to contact factory directly, shorten the production route, a collection of product category, to assign a designer to master and free, the rationality of this model has its existence.

recently in contact with the snow finches life pavilion is a whole category of supply chain enterprise, such enterprise advantage has the following two points:

1, the past product circulation path is: producers & ndash; — Brands & ndash; — The general & ndash; — Regional agent & ndash; — Distributors & ndash; — Stores & ndash; — Customers, each layer forward part of the profits, and finally in the hands of consumers, often have three or four times higher than that of price, supply chain can replace part of the role, the product price will reduce.

2, in the huge stock market, freelance designer and master occupied a big part of these people before on household stores advocate material purchasing, procurement efficiency is low, and small batch purchasing master have little bargaining power in the presence of brand dealers, master of the profit is very thin, snow finches mode is assigned to the foreman and designers.

on the one hand, these external designer and master the way of life research is not thorough, such as in daily life, the girl probably need to how much space to put shoes, home after take off their shoes and so on a series of actions to take off the coat process, men and women living space of different needs, such as data can be used to quantify the, freelance designer do not have so much data reserve, in stores at the same time, the standardization of products is also unable to meet the personalized needs. Snow finches modular combination product is manufactured by contract, can realize the differentiation, personalization in fast delivery at the same time, help master and designer service C end users.

on the other hand, the snow finches one-stop full category procurement, improve the efficiency of the purchase, also can give a foreman and designers must have sales rebates, and provides the actual communication site foreman and designers endorsement for the freedom, to win customers trust.

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