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European furniture show generous noble temperament

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-10
Stylist reminds us, in decorating a house must first choose furniture, because different furniture represents the different design style, choose furniture at the same time, it is to decorate a design style for positioning, but in the practical choice, European and American are often confused by consumers, at the same time, and not all of the design of building structure is suitable for European, American, this needs us to delve into the essence of these two styles. 'Decked with gold' the Europe type furniture european-style home has a distinct 'era characteristic' and 'artistic quality', its main characteristic is line is complex, attaches great importance to the carver. Such as the classic 'baroque style furniture', they are renowned for complicated and exquisite carving decorative pattern; While some of the 'new classic furniture' more lively and some from the line, and through the applique to render the furniture that stick a skin texture. 'Contracted' heavy American furniture choose good position to increase the wood texture and value of nostalgic, romantic and respect for the time of the evaluation of the best American furniture. Emphasize concise, clear lines and elegant, decent and decoration is a characteristic of American furniture. Furniture surface finishing and meticulously carved, show the unique characteristics. Bold atmosphere, and the delicate and simplicity is the essence of it. On the whole, the American furniture convey the pure, leisure, organized, versatile design ideas, to release pressure on the family and the liberation of the pure land of the mind. According to the interior structure to choose the appropriate style design each kind of design has its own unequivocally characteristic, but is not to say that any housing structure can make casual style design. The yuan continent decoration level designer Song Hongbing, said at the beginning of the designers in the design, in addition to fully understand the needs of customers, more important is to want to become more aware of interior building structure, and then on the basis of interior structure to do the final style positioning. For European style, its essence is 'elegant', so first of all, from the point of view, building area of large-area house is more suitable for European design, if the building area is narrow, not only can't make the lasting appeal of Europe type, can make whole space appears crowded, chaotic and complex.
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