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European furniture quality in the first batch of Chinese household hardware group standard benchmarking strong-arm reaction 'in Beijing

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

by China hardware products association and the China furniture association jointly organized & other; The first batch of Chinese household hardware group standard type and the second year in a batch group project launching ceremony & throughout; Was held. China hardware products association, chairman of the monk blue stone, China furniture association, chairman of the zhu changling, the national related department leaders and related standards drafting unit, the mainstream media gathered.

brand, small scale make hardware industry shows a tendency of more miscellaneous, the group standards promoted by combing industry health, for the purpose of the new order, also promote & other; The doctrine & throughout; As the core strategy, leading the industry development. In the national & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; And the reform of the supply side, driven by increasing varieties, quality, tree brand is more and more become problem to be solved in enterprise development. Facing this trend, accept the authorization of China hardware products association, under the guidance of relevant departments to make full use of its advantages in household hardware industry cluster, launch tungtay precision metal manufacturing co. , LTD. , such as a group in the Asia and domestic household industry leading enterprises with lead, lead to undertake and set out to make a home with dark buffer type hinge, the household with drawer slideway buffer type group standards.

this standard on October 21, 2016 in Shanghai, China international hardware show in the grand, become China's hardware industry one of the first group standards. Eu standards had been as higher requirements to carry out of the industry, and the implementation of the standards of the biggest bright spot is that the main technical indicators over the European Union, some indicators even fill the blank at home and abroad, become the new orientation for furniture hardware industry development. The meeting held, will effectively promote the countries & other; The doctrine & throughout; Effective strategy in household hardware industry. The state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of quality management department deputy director general of hai-dong wang said: & other; Country strong quality must be strong & throughout; 。 New standard landing will effectively lead household hardware industry technology development direction, accelerate the implementation of the standard and application of improving the quality of household hardware, improve the quality of the furniture and the consumer experience, to build international quality standard of made in China.

no can be accomplished without norms or standards, and standards for enterprise of high and low also directly determines the direction of development and motivation. For the newly released two standards, monk LAN, chairman of the China hardware products association stone said in an interview: & other; China hinges, guide rail, hinge, world guide to see China! ” 。 A global scale to be advanced group standards is significant for the industry.

zhu changling pointed out that at present the industry standard lag phenomenon is very common, but the release of the first batch of Chinese household hardware is very innovative, leading the group standards, many related technical indicators, are more stringent than the current domestic and international standards. Of industry and information technology, consumer goods industry department deputy director general of Wang Minyan said: & other; Chinese products is to convert to Chinese brand & throughout; 。 In this release opportunity under the new standards will similar products on the domestic and international technology development have a very good lead and guide effect, thus eventually experience extremely attractive to consumers.

easier set promotion has always been a big difficulty in group standard. The furniture hardware products association and the association cooperation to make standard tightened round the intersection of the two industries though not first in the industry, industry standard department 2 sheng-nan ma national standardization management committee director expressed the hope that can do the typical. 27 household hardware group standards drafting unit in China, mostly domestic household hardware industry well-known brand enterprises, among them, in particular, jieyang, high to the leading enterprises of industrial cluster and so on, zhongshan primarily. Enterprise the demand of production and sales into standard, so ground gas standards will be convenient in all aspects of concrete implementation. At the same time, China furniture association also issued & promotion meeting other Suzhou & throughout; , calling for the industry to use standard hardware fittings, furniture enterprise delegates agreed.

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