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European furniture maintenance of several common methods is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-28
After buy european-style furniture, for the maintenance of Europe type furniture measures can only be to need to notice, if we buy the showily atmospheric european-style furniture, because maintenance measures does not reach the designated position, will affect the use of furniture and life, cause the consequence is unimaginable. ​ 1, we usually smoking cigarette, not out of the match, etc. So, will leave Europe type furniture on a serious burn marks. If the paint is burning, can be tied to a layer of gauze on toothpick, and gently wipe traces of the furniture, then go to daub a layer of wax can erase the anxious mark above. 2, household within the white desktop, white chair, is easy to dirty. And when using the linen is not easy to remove dirt. Now let us try to use toothpaste to squeeze in a clean linen. Wipe white european-style furniture, only need we wiped gently, oil will go away. Because within a toothpaste containing abrasive powder have a lot of decontamination effect. So we can be used to wipe the furniture. But when wiping taboo force is very big, otherwise it will backfire. After three, bought Europe type furniture of Europe type furniture needs to notice to maintain measures, bamboo cane to make furniture or appliances after using for a long time, will be accumulated and a lot of dirt. At this point we can use salt water to scrub. Not only can remove dirt, can guarantee the flexibility of furniture and toughness.
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