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European furniture maintenance knowledge

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-29
Europe type furniture is one of the style of furniture planning, generally refers to European classical furniture may European new classic furniture. Part of the European furniture and improvement is symmetrical and possesses the curve or surface composition of rhythm, and gilded bronze, imitation leather, etc. , concise structure, flow lines, colour is beautiful, strong sense of art, give a person the feeling is showily elegance, very serious. Europe type furniture is already can reflect master grade dignitaries. Europe type furniture according to different styles and features of the details of the process can be divided into: European classic furniture, European new classic furniture, European style garden furniture, fine about four European furniture. The furniture of Europe type style is very popular, by the vast majority of consumers love, Europe type furniture on the market price is relatively expensive, how do we make furniture maintenance, first, assume that furniture surface dirt, before cleaning the furniture, should use soft cleaner, such as chicken feather duster first continuous surface dust disposal, and then quietly with a soft cloth to wipe, can be stained with a small amount of water or appropriate washing agent for liquidation. Furniture of choose and buy is also needs attention, otherwise of maintenance trouble, also pay attention to choose the material of the European classical style furniture must be good material to appear. Be aware of the stand or fall of edge banding material, pay attention to sealing side have the phenomenon of uneven, cock. When the choice, we can see the door of furniture, drawers seam area, assuming that gap is big, clarify coarsely, time grew also deformation; We can see furniture material from hinge slot and hole drilling.
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