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European furniture living small coup: the sewer blocked toilet? You have to solve this

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-02

toilet belong to common space in the home, the passage of time can be a problem, for example the sewer blocked it is a boring thing, not only can produce peculiar smell, can also affect the normal use, french country furniture small make up today to bring us the toilet drain plug dredge method and sewer transformation strategy, and see it together.

how sewer blocked unblock

1, when the bathroom drain plug, we can be a lot of water, but the water is very exquisite. Lift up the bucket, and keep a certain height, the water washed down the drain, so many stuff will be washed away by the impact of the water.

2, a simple method is to use a dedicated pipeline dredge cleaning tools Toilet, but should pay attention to pay attention to safety when using the

3, usually with detergent after water is heated, strike in the pipe, make the oil detergent in the water not in the pipeline solidification and direct discharge, block the phenomenon such as the water slowly. You can also buy a front-end tool like a horn, it can play the role of providing gas supply pressure, this tool can also be used to access the toilet.

4, sewer dredging agent: is the best product on the market at present, the product to the hair, grease, such as tissue caused by blockage effect is very good. For lavatory, sinks, floor drain, toilet and dredged silt. It does not damage the sewer pipe, including PVC pipe, using the method can be used according to the instruction.

5, you can use the family nursing care for the earth and water crossings, then half the water box, under the action of suction and pressure, the toilet impassable. The smell of the toilet sewage is a big problem, we can use of activated carbon to remove taste usually prevent sewer smell.

toilet sewage renovation

toilet sewage transformation strategy, to the problem of our sewers, a lot of people think of the toilet, toilet renovation is mainly aiming at these problems, the renovation of the toilet deodorization problems actually very simple, mainly addressed by installation against the stench, floor drain, the installation of floor drain, will keep the floor drain water seal layer depth. It can make the function of the floor drain play a bigger role. Toilet renovation is also aimed at rebuilding of old house sewer. Generally speaking, the old sewer jams easily. Many of the old toilet sewage pipe is straight. In general, we now put the sewage into a curved, so that we can get a lot of cushion, it won't affect the sewers. In fact, the toilet drain of transformation in order to facilitate people to use, will not affect the life of people. In fact, the answer to the question of the toilet drain we need to pay attention to our usual habits. Don't will not degrade large items such as hair threw it into the sewer, in order to avoid congestion. Toilet reconstruction of sewers is the focus of the toilet. Pipes, made a radical change, the original pipes has increased the floor drain, make toilet water solution can get maximum.

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