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European furniture kitchen decorating the absolute time can save a lot of money

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

a lot of people know that the kitchen is decorated is the most expensive in domestic outfit, hutch is defended the resulting, but don't have much pocket money also want to save money, the kitchen the cost should contribute to the highest place, but at the same time can't because of the poor little and decorate cost of decoration, we can get rid of some useless when the kitchen is decorated and does not affect the result. In addition, because it involves water and electricity, the kitchen need to have both with fire and water, high temperature and damp environment for a long time, to decorate the requirements of the natural will be higher.

1, ambry after ceramic tile: it's not after ambry not tile, that thed loss outweights the gain, but it can take a plan, ambry after using cheaper specials brick, if tiles shop with a lot of, the price will be very low, but the effect and quality are no problem, this will no doubt be left some decorate ceramic tile.

2, pull basket purchase: for basket, ambry merchants would highly recommend, but to be honest, in addition to dishes basket, and other basic useless, in the later use but pull basket price is low, so that it basically useless so-called flavor pull basket, corner of pull basket and so on, if there is no need to need not install.

3, ambry choice: there is no doubt that ambry is the main part of the kitchen, is also the most expensive materials, a lot of people are thinking about when choosing ambry buy some big brand, quality is guaranteed. Really big brands mean better service, higher quality, but also represents a higher price, actually ambry is important material, so you can choose some brand line relatively weaker, but good workmanship and materials, all materials, after all, everyone is unified purchasing, quality control more mature just some big brand, but the added value of the brand is also higher, now custom technology basic ambry has been mature, so most of the brand, as long as it's not too bad, don't have too big problem.

the kitchen decorate seven blind area

a blind spot: ambry door side had better use ABS or aluminium, also more durable. Ambry door handle must be bigger, convenient with wet hands or oil switch cupboard door at any time.

blind area 2: the ambry of up and down is to do, some people say don't do condole ark, it is his home out-of-touch, in particularly easy to be stained with lampblack, outside brush can not the kung fu, or a whole cabinet stuffed inside.

blind area three: refrigerator left a highly forget thickness, choose refrigerator when considering the performance and price, but completely forgot about the size of the refrigerator, come back only to find that, the refrigerator is too thick blocked the door. In order to avoid these annoying thing, the location of the kitchen when the design must reserve a good refrigerator, consider the height of the thickness of the also don't forget to oh. Also, make sure the refrigerator away from the sink, in order to avoid splashing water, leakage problems.

blind area 4: smoke lampblack machine near the hearth is

because often cook, so the power of smoke lampblack machine to choose the larger, at the same time, installing lampblack machine, must be high moderate, otherwise easy to hit head, actually smoke lampblack machine distance is 80 cm, usually in the range of smoke lampblack machine effect.

blind area 5: where is the manger? Manger is necessarily to emergency glue in the joint, or how to block water? Cabinet on the back of the manger to do, or mesa drops down, not only can make the base material expansion, cracking, fall off. But! It is here in preparation for cockroaches breeding.

blind area 6: before the custom-built ambry, it is good cooking style and size to determine. According to life need, how much will be put in the kitchen small home appliance, had better planning in advance, so that the number of switch socket can determine in advance and water electrician.

blind area 7: ambry function is too little, no place to accommodate kitchenware

ambry is mainly used for kitchen utensils and appliances, because kitchen size, like a big spoon, small spoon, glass and so on, if mixed together, take put will be very inconvenient. Therefore dressers to do more, so the classify to store all kinds of kitchen utensils and appliances, also, don't buy cupboard, the other parts of the kitchen is decorated carefully reserved place well enough.

blind area 8: equipment good, to spare, ambry is one of the main kitchen receive, initially thought lattice, the more the better, spent more than N money, finally make complete, and use it every time you found that the grid is too much, to burn at all.

blind area 9: slowly pack good ambry and choose electric appliances, contemporary kitchen is indispensable refrigerator, lampblack machine and three chef electric stove, and oven, microwave oven, etc. Not all ambry manufacturer and all kitchen electric factory is to enjoy the same standard.

blind area 10: too few sockets reserved enough

the kitchen should be planned in advance the location of the electrical appliances in the future, reserve a good outlet. And according to the electric power socket installation respectively, and the socket must be installed leakage protection device.

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