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European furniture - - In the collocation, emphasis on maintenance

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-11
Europe type furniture was honored in domestic outfit in recent years, the romantic amorous feelings of Europe type furniture collocation in maintenance. Europe type furniture romantic amorous feelings on collocation in recent years, the domestic popular european-style furniture to slim and beautiful and bold and unrestrained magnificent rococo style of baroque style is given priority to, headed by Seth d the royal furniture luxury european-style furniture more and more get the welcome of people, in order to better enjoy the romantic amorous feelings of Europe type furniture, need more pay attention to when matching space: one is to avoid too many colors: now many customers are chosen furniture first, then set decoration style, it will pay special attention to in the collocation of the space, had better use as the main color with the color of the furniture with color, on the basis of appropriate add soft contrast color or the color in the middle of the accessories, to build an atmosphere of elegant and romantic. 2 it is to avoid improper accessories: let Europe type furniture completely exudes charm, usually without deserve to act the role of the foil effect, lamps and lanterns, hang a picture, wallpaper, flooring, etc. The use of home textile products should be proper. Wallpaper can choose to have a heavy and complicated patterns, art stripe, floral design or has a story and characters; Lamps and lanterns is generally need to select rounded lines, the light is downy, modelling of primitive simplicity, usually lamp of iron art branch is preferred; The curtains and bedding, quality of a material to be fastidious, had better use tassels, lace decoration. European furniture proper maintenance is the key: European furniture maintenance is very important, not only should avoid long-term exposure, also should avoid to extreme cold or heat, or at the bottom of the coarse sharp items directly on the surface of the furniture, also do not use organic solvent directly on the surface of the table. Normally, once a quarterly wax can let the furniture looks shiny and surface not aspiration, but also relatively easy to clean up. Dirty on the surface of furniture, should use a feather duster first kind of soft surface dust cleaner, and then gently with a soft cloth to wipe, can dip in a small amount of water or detergent to clean up. Panel can be periodically with furniture detailer to clean up, at the same time to keep the cabinet put oneself in another's position inside clean. Hardware decoration only need to gently with dry dishcloth, avoid by all means use detergent containing chemical substances, also cannot clean with acidic liquid, if appear more difficult to remove the black spots on the surface of the gold plating, can use kerosene to wipe or wash.
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