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European furniture | how to put the best home decoration

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-01

can let drab room full of personalized ornament. Many type of home decoration, glass products and ceramic is the more common. If it is a classic style suit to put ceramics, ceramic noble and elegant, reflect master grade. Glass products modelling is complete, the glittering and translucent get rid of glass can make the whole environment full of fairy tale artistic conception. french country furniture below small make up take you know about the decoration decoration arrangement skills.

a, adornment decorate the skills

1, stair adornment can be irregular. This method is very creative, can be in accordance with the design drawing. In addition, if the area is not large, can be put in the shape of the stair corner as the stair adornment picture is not very regular, the effect is very good also. If a stairs, the metope that is a very large area, you can ask professional personage to directly on the wall painting design.

2, can be set according to oneself the home decorate a style. If you like sweet and lovely dot, might as well use some high-quality goods of small adorn article, like a doll, there are fake flower to wait adorn article. If the home decoration is luxurious, high-grade, with some hang a picture of the atmosphere. Contracted household design, for example, has the design feeling of home decoration is very suitable for the character of the whole space; If it is a natural rustic style, is given priority to with natural wind household act the role ofing is tasted.

3 want to combine whole style that occupy the home, decorate household act the role ofing is tasted. From small household act the role ofing is tasted, place adorn, small pillow, tablecloth, hang act the role of middle and small adorn article is easy to get started, such as the layout of sheet is tasted, decorate even beginner can begin from the first, then slowly spread to large furniture furnishings. Small act the role ofing tastes the home can become the focus of the visual, can reflect master interest and hobby. Find out the general style and tone, tone in accordance with the unified arrangement is not error-prone.

2 what is a good decorations, home

1, the nostalgic old bicycles, have a special liking to bike friends will like this decoration, it is a pure iron wire handicraft, model is old bicycles, and turn into a big tyre exaggerated modelling, is interesting and rich feelings of family decoration.

2, fish tank, the tank up with brown clay is covered with a layer of can act like a small pond, natural stones sat next to a boom in hand, the people, but not the line and hook, the fish or the carefree. Like trolls scenario, how interesting.

3, pinch flower ceramic vases, flower vase is a common household adornment, but this was not a vase, it USES a technology called pinch flower skills, bottleneck level off their robes, bottle tightly heavy and complicated of pink flowers surrounded by. Colour and texture formation of conflict, reoccupy is beyond normal exaggerated form shows a kind of aesthetic feeling to break all the rules. The theme of fashion is to come.

4, the beauty of wine rack, likes to drink red wine friend must choose a good red wine rack, can not only save the good wine, also can improve the interest of drinking. Such as the beauty of wine rack, a combination of beauty and wine bright eye, how to don't drink.

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