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European furniture history

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-22
Europe type furniture popular Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, American, British, all kinds of european-style furniture style is high-end home market, the material is teak, peach blossom core wood, oak, walnut, cherry wood and so on. First of all, let's review the history of European furniture. The European and American furniture comes from ancient Egypt and furniture originated in ancient Greece. Furniture is now cannot take an examination of the middle ages before. Medieval furniture mainly Romanesque and gothic furniture. Compared with the early furniture, the pointed arch, rosette, straw stalk appeared corolla decoration. Gothic furniture as one of the three classical furniture, is the best representative of furniture of the middle ages. It is the focus of the furniture of religion. Seiko spy choir seat is a way of medieval carpenter showed talent, and secular furniture developed slowly. The arrival of the European Renaissance, make furniture entered a golden age, until the 18th century reached its peak. Although until the 16th century, northern central Europe is still dominated by the gothic furniture, but Italy in the 15th century middle appears the Renaissance style, and then start this style throughout the European court. The most pure Renaissance style furniture from fiorentina, roma and Venice, from mulberry sorvino ( Sansovino) Vasari ( Vasari) And para dior ( Palladio) Such as artists. The Renaissance furniture reflects the unremitting pursuit of a sense of beauty and proportion, personalization, natural delicate features and noble bearing. The spirit of the middle ages of the vertical structure is more with classic balance beauty of horizontal lines. Furniture is no longer a carrier of the religious feelings. Basic material is wood, widespread use of walnut, mahogany, and teak. One of the most common characteristic is increased the columns in the structure, moldings, even for and architectural elements such as post. Usually these elements with different shades of carving process. Italy in the use of more classic element above maintain leading position, including leaf, Arab patterns, like hermes, statue of liberty column, back to the grain decoration Cupid, as palm leaves and other myths, nature, history, pagan theme. The most typical furniture feet for lion claw shape, is a symbol of power. During this period the main style of queen Elizabeth of style, the style of Louis xiii, Italian baroque style, Louis xiv style, style of William and Mary, Louis xv style ( The rococo style) Queen Anne style, dyer chapin style ( The baroque style) One of the most representative is Louis xiv style ( Also known as baroque style) 。 Rooted in the Renaissance, the baroque style and form a new branch of the classical way of life. Baroque furniture and exquisite craftsmanship and increasingly closely linked to the rich life of bourgeois aristocracy. In addition, with the bellini ( Bellini) Certo that ( Cortona) And polo, ( Borromini) Artists such as call furniture makers, as it is more suitable to be called a sculptor. In the second half of the 17th century style of Louis xiv, the French entered the mature period of baroque. - the so-called baroque style - - Mainly refers to the furniture of Louis xiv. Baroque is a word meaning is strange pearl. Original negative things, people later acknowledged the baroque art is one of the greatest art in the history of mankind. Is a kind of artistic style from the backsliding. It has a luxurious color first, secondly has the passion of the romantic style, and previous rigid conservative form bright contrast. Again, it is the movement and change. Very focused on work space and stereo feeling. In addition, the emphasis on the combination of a variety of art forms, painting, architecture, sculpture fusion together, talking, and with a strong religious atmosphere and the artist of personal. German art historian H welf Lin published in 1888, author of the Renaissance and baroque art made system in this paper, the baroque art. There is no doubt that today, the baroque style is still the most collectable ancient furniture, are diamonds in the crown of ancient furniture. Neoclassicism style started in the middle of the 18th century. Furniture become decoration simple, line is concise, solid. Brother style mainly include Adam, Hao Pu style, white zerah style. Began in the 19th century and the imperial style, in order to meet the functional needs, the furniture has lost its original elegant and dainty. Classical furniture is all hand, work process has been unified specifications of the parts of the machine production, rare wood, such as teak, ebony, also used less and less. Eclectic style is the most typical style in this period, without a style is a kind of style. The traditional American furniture started booming during this period. A lot of use of oak and other cheap wood in this period and one of the major features of European and American furniture today. Furniture is visibly, from dignitaries home into the ordinary people.
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