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European furniture feet all adopt the cause of the animal claw is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-01
Europe type furniture of small make up don't know if you have noticed that Europe type furniture legs are paw shaped animal form, so this is why? Don't worry, by the small make up of Europe type furniture today to answer for you. ( 1) Italian Renaissance ( In 1400 ~ 1650) , in order to meet the needs of social communication and reception in, furniture relies on a wall to decorate, and along the wall to decorate the bust, painting, decoration, etc. , and emphasizes the horizontal line, make metope form the center of the composition. ( 2) Spanish Renaissance ( In 1400 ~ 1600) Many of the furniture is the original, is characterized by: thick rectangular form, and the proportion of the structure is simple, the lack of use the adornment of architectural details, and stent with iron support, nail head office, furniture, larger rich men's masculine, bright colours ( Often hide low-level technology) With embossed patterns or simple leather decoration ( The seat) , used more than the pine, walnut wood design including the short cut lines, geometric design, 'eight' word form is tilted, the legs and feet with iron and silver rosettes, star decoration and shells for decoration. ( 3) High straight period ( The -l150-1500) Furniture characteristic: USES the gothic architecture form and the detail design of thick wall, using building adornment theme, such as arch, flower pane, four leaf type ( Building) Cloth, roll fold, carvings and engraved look, cabinet and seat parts for panel structure, the cabinet for storage and used as a seat. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture, about why European furniture legs are animal PAWS shape analysis, hope can to better understand the history of Europe type furniture and European furniture culture bring some help.
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