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European furniture expert introduction european-style furniture, the difference between Chinese style furniture and American furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-06
Europe type furniture expert introduction of related knowledge about Europe type furniture, European furniture types are many, mainly have european-style furniture, solid wood furniture, such as American, including european-style solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, American Chinese what is the difference between a solid wood furniture, small make up to now for your analysis: 1, luxury european-style solid wood furniture, even on the original solid wood furniture, European furniture designers also should keep their respected luxury honourable baroque style. They don't seem to like only the simple wood to act natural life, in order to reflect the identity and value, be sure to use pure lines, just the right proportion, even a spiral of inlaid, exquisite carving, exaggerated gold-plated or color decoration, and one of the typical representative of classical solid wood furniture is the best in Italy. 2, simple American solid wood furniture in the furniture design, American furniture to zero distance contact with nature, American the integral feeling of solid wood furniture gives a person is very atmospheric, characteristic is luxurious air, elegant with a simple and straightforward, adornment sex is strong. Main material is the walnut and cherry wood, suitable for general decorate a style, durable and not easy outdated, reflects the pursuit of free life breath. Like deliberately do old American solid wood furniture, let oneself more along with the lives of young people and history, feeling giving a person is a cultural precipitation, plus some cater to the multi-function of modern design, very popular with the people in the pursuit of fashion and taste. 3, traditional Chinese real wood furniture of real wood furniture Chinese traditional material rosewood, rosewood, although made of classical furniture is very valuable, but the appearance is too traditional of primitive simplicity, the modern people is not easy to like, so clever designers will concise line integration in modern design concept into the material of of primitive simplicity and Chinese traditional culture, thus appeared a batch of characteristic of modern solid wood furniture.
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