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European furniture environmental protection standard is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-30
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the people in all aspects of life and more pay attention to quality, especially things related to our bedroom environment is very attentive. When furniture of choose and buy, in addition to value its modelling design, people to furniture of environmental protection is also very important. So as Europe type furniture below small make up together to get to know. European furniture environmental standards - — Plank both European environmental standards, furniture and home furniture environmental standards, the most main is from two aspects to consider and detection. In the environmental protection standard of European furniture, the first is the plank furniture use, we all know that the environmental performance of furniture, the most direct embodiment of the main sheet is in its use. Because good plank the formaldehyde content is very low, in our European furniture environmental standards E0 level is the most the top standard of environmental protection. European furniture environmental standards - — Features a simple understanding of the environmental protection standard of European furniture, we now know about the accord with environmental protection standard of European furniture home has what characteristics. First of all, the first point, that is in line with environmental protection standard of European furniture furniture on select material with makings is very prone to natural green, plank itself is not contain any harmful substances, Comply with the environmental protection standard of European furniture furniture is generally belongs to green product category, its design is very humanization, are all accord with human body engineering principle design. Well that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture interpretation about the introduction of the environmental protection standard of Europe type furniture, hope can bring you help.
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