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European furniture distribution of taboo, assigned to you

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-26
Now more and more people to seek higher day style and chose a european-style decorative style, then than now and beautiful home decoration together to find out in the distribution of European ornamental should avoid taboo! A cream color too much. Customers are generally choose furniture first, then set decoration style, that will be aware of when allocating space, meijia argues that fastens with color selection and furniture decoration as the main tonal, the color again on the basis of the right to add soft contrasting colors may deserve to act the role of middle, to build an elegant harmonic air. 2 avoid accessories. Beautiful home decoration pointed out that want to Europe type furniture sends out its charm, cannot leave the deserve to act the role of the foil, wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, hang a picture, floor, the use of home textile products should be proper. Wallpaper can choose to have a heavy and complicated patterns, art, floral images may have the story and characters; Lamps and lanterns requirements rounded lines, light and soft, the modelling like lamp of iron art branch; Hang a picture to request mo chongcai, frame is to heavy to match. Window cloth and the texture of the bedding should pay attention to, it's ok with tassels, lace for decoration; Must be laying carpet on the ground, selection of image and color relatively steep, avoid by all means a spark qiao. Europe type furniture style is now popular a kind of furniture style. Understanding of European furniture distribution of taboo is very important, a stable home decoration claims must be carefully before buying.
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