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European furniture decoration | electric heating faucet should be how to choose

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-02

electrothermal faucet brands and models is different, the price also can have differences. Brand electric heating faucet appearance design is novel, can beautify the kitchen environment, and have a thorough knowledge of the safety performance. General electric heating faucet cheap, but the safety performance is uneven. Some illegal businessmen to produce inferior electrothermal faucet, this faucet without any security. The next french country furniture small make up take you know about the electric heating faucet price list.

a, electrothermal faucet price list

1, flight feather KDR - 8 d - 12 March. 4 kw electric heating faucet water 1 second heat of hot and cold water separation of dual nozzle rotating RMB 298

2, flight feather KDR - 2 e - 3 3 kw electric hot tap water side 5 seconds speed RMB 249

3, flight feather KDR - 8 d - 22 March. 4 kw electric faucet water 1 second heat short mouth double handle RMB 298

4, flight feather KDR - 3 c - 3 2 kw electric heating faucet water under 5 seconds can rotate speed hot nozzle RMB 268

5, flight feather KDR - 8 d - 32. 3. 4 kw electric heating faucet side inlet hot nozzle can rotate 298 RMB 1 SEC

6, flight feather KDR - 3E- 3 3 kw electric heating under the hot water for 5 seconds speed RMB 268

2, how to choose and buy electric faucet

1, the copper heat pipes or 304 stainless steel heating tube as the heating core.

should be red copper heat pipes is characterized by fast heat conduction, copper thermal conductive performance is superior in non-ferrous metals, secondly, copper heat pipes in the manufacturing process relative to save the cost of production, copper can cold bending forming, but copper oxide can produce verdigris, patina is toxic, after all, copper ions is heavy metal ions. Relative to the hair of 304 stainless steel tube manufacture process is complicated 304 fewer companies use material of heating body, but 304 is belong to the consumption level of the stainless steel material, more use of 304 stainless steel heating element in most medical apparatus and instruments.

2, the product must be high density ceramic valve core configuration.

electrothermal faucet product is different from ordinary faucet products, products in the process of heating and frequently switch used for gasket durable reason, causes the product leak or not close tight water phenomenon, thus affecting the service life of the product and the use effect. Therefore, electric heating faucet product cannot use the traditional rubber gasket for switch parts of the main components, the wear resistance should be used in 30 - More than 500000 times of high-density ceramic valve core, so as to ensure product durability.

3, cannot use normal ABS plastic as a product of water body.

electrothermal faucet products because of its characteristics of small volume, fast heating, safety quality guaranteed products must use corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistant material as the shell of electric heating faucet product or water tank, the most common material of plastic parts and heat-resistant, at 85 degrees and quality guarantee of electrothermal faucet product tank materials requiring heat resistance in 105 degrees above, or if the product temperature over 85 degrees or abnormal use, will directly lead to the water body deformation or blowout, serious can cause accidents. Due to the common material of plastic parts do not have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, such as a water body, also can bring water to the consumer safety hidden trouble.

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