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European furniture decorate small knowledge, help you to quickly complete the decoration

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-02

we understand the remodeling process also not line, also have to know before decorating a process, it allows you to quickly finish decorating, when we earnestly do a good job in decorating a budget, in decorating a process, also be able to save is not necessary to carry out, by the french country furniture below small make up to share some knowledge of the necessary before decorating.

1。 Initial decorate plan

ready to decorate bridal chamber, need to have a more complete decorate plan first, should the be fond of according to family members, at the same time pay attention to some household papers or website, generally determine your home decorate a style to second, pay attention to building materials, sanitary ware, etc. The products on the market, hundreds of thousands of his favorite is countless, but to be targeted, choose according to your decorate a style according to the plan.

2。 Decorate a budget

after understanding market, budget ahead home outfit decoration is a bottomless pit, so before decorate, be sure to budget, for big spending, such as floor, wood, furniture, home appliances, etc according to their own economic strength.

3。 Understand decoration materials

decorating is a very trivial things, decorating a process needs to know of the more than ten kinds of material such as sand, cement, electrical wiring, conduit, faucet, floor drain, floor, ceramic tile, emulsioni paint, NiZi, block board, etc. , and each material and a variety of brands to choose from similar products tend to have high and low, not only the price, and quality, performance difference is big, although decorating a process, don't need to buy some materials, but also should understand the basic knowledge, can go to the market to know about the different brand, comparative advantages and disadvantages.

4。 Primary decorate company and building materials market

this is the most important step in the preparation, consumers need to carefully choose to decorate a company, such as building materials market before decorate, want to visit several more decoration companies, and collect the data, based on the

than pick out the most suitable for their own after decorate a company in terms of building materials market, must find out the location of the major building materials market, understand the market, the main business scope as much as possible about the market promotion can also actively to friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and experts about or consulting products building materials market, higher brand products and focus on the media evaluation.

5。 Prepared to purchase a small tool

ready to go shopping before, to prepare some tools, such as measuring tape, can be measured at any time, accomplish know fairly well. A bedroom door model figure, you can always take it out, or to buy stores to buy the product to help determine the most suitable for the bedroom where; A pen and a small notebook, can record the material specification, type, price, in order to compare.

semifinished product house decorate a process steps

semifinished product house decorate, involved in many construction projects and materials, want to smooth process, must ensure that the construction in order to arrange properly, all kinds of decoration materials procurement, in the time entry on time, therefore, for the consumer, before decorate a company or a construction group play, we must make the corresponding material procurement schedule and detailed construction plan.

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