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European furniture curtain what kind? Curtain of Europe type furniture brand recommended brand

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

the curtain has become our life an important part of the household, the use of the curtain is not only make our Windows have colour also allows us to isolate the sunshine outside the window, the feeling of dazzling. And if you want to see the scenery outside the window, you only need to open the curtains, also to look outside. Particularly useful is! ! ! ! Then the curtain what kind? If you want to buy curtain, what brand would you choose?

what types of curtain

1, the Roman shade

Roman shade is one of the popular style of the curtain in the market, the main body is divided into two kinds of guide rail and shade body, usually with Velcro and guide rail and shade body line connection, shade body straight, pull the bead curtain, will turn the wheel, shaft, automatically put long and the short in the cord or mobile will appear different wrinkle effect, looks high grade atmosphere, more suitable for the American style of decoration.

2, shutter

shutter is generally selected material is stiff, smooth fabric, the main body is composed of guide rail and shade body, turn the way is through the bead curtain. Unlike the Roman curtain, shade guide in the shade body roll up in guide rail. Is suitable for use in the study or small family model bedroom.

3, running the

running like blade, so called vertical hanging on rail & other; Power & throughout; Sunshade, can pass around to achieve. Behind the style and generous, line and lively, make household becomes more sweet and romantic.

4, Venetian blinds

blinds is one type of the curtain of common office processed mainly aluminum alloy curtain, with a durable, easy to clean, long service life, no fading, shading, heat insulation and other characteristics, suitable for office, bedroom, hotel, villas and other places.

5, bamboo shade

bamboo shade main material is made from bamboo, comfortable and elegant atmosphere, household bamboo shade collocation, instantly let a space full of elegant flavor. There are two main ways closed curtain, the folding type front roll type. Many friends worry about bamboo material easy to cause the bug eat by moth, but high quality wooden bamboo curtain has been handled after mould inhibitor and varnish, there is no need to worry about mold bug eat by moth. Very suitable for Chinese style, amorous feelings of southeast Asia, such as decoration.

6, wood shutter

the noise of the city, make a lot of people in the pursuit of return uncut jade to put in true feeling, believe wood blinds is right choice, the antique, natural, elegant, has good air permeability, produced by using the natural log of the lacquer that bake processing, display can show master style and grade in the household, let indoor filled with full-bodied elegant flavor, very pleasant to the balcony window, study, teahouse and so on.

what brand curtain

1. Comrade

brand curtains have? Comrade brand the curtain is very good, since the brand since its establishment, it has been advocated for the consumer to provide high-quality life, hope for more users to create more warmth, comfortable life. Comrade curtain with personalized design to make it more close to life.

2。 Auchan

auchan is a high-end curtains and bedding products such as research and development, design, production, sales for the integration of enterprises, it is also the world famous brands. Will be a very good auchan curtains modern fashion style perfectly combined with rich rural style, the color coordination and pattern diversification, can meet the needs of different consumers. Auchan curtains for the user to create a different style of indoor environment, the art of leading high quality life.

3。 Molik

molik development after years of continuous efforts, has now become the first domestic cloth art adornment leading enterprises, it is a leading brand of curtain industry. Molik is mainly focus on the research and development, production and sales of the curtain cloth art, and the curtain of the entire production process is very exquisite fabrics, crafts, design and color and design of the overall design and development.

4。 Paris cloth art

Paris curtain cloth art belongs to the high-end brand, the curtain cloth art good indoor space life vitality, for the user to create a elegant, comfortable living environment, the curtain is also acclaimed.

5, less ZW

the brand belongs to one of the most famous brand of zhejiang, in the industry has a good reputation, the company belongs to a larger home textile fabric supplier, it is worth people trusted brand.

6, the United States in the music Major

the brand belongs to the companies, company full name, home textile industrial co. , LTD. , is specialized is engaged in the curtain cloth art design to production and sales of one-piece one of enterprise.

7, WenXiang

the brand belongs to zhejiang province to know soft outfit brand, one of the generated curtain fabrics is very unique, belong to large textile cloth art enterprise, has the high evaluation.

that is about the type of curtains and curtain brand related are introduced, the hope can help you.

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